Writing Prompts

When I first became serious about writing, I had tons of ideas but all of them translated into a full-length novels and I wanted to write short stories to develop my writing and voice.  In order to gain some experience, I started writing based on prompts that I found on Pinterest and sites such as Writing Exercises, http://writingexercises.co.uk/index.php.  Before long, I found that I had created characters and worlds that I wanted to explore further.  Many of my ideas, of books that have been and will be written, have come from writing prompts, and I believe that using them when you are first starting out, can be an important part of your journey as a writer.

Ideas for books and short stories come from every direction if a writer pays attention to the world around them, but writing prompts are a great way to take a general idea and make it all your own.  This is why I advice starting with prompts and developing your writing skills, before moving on to your own ideas, and who knows, you might find a prompt that will lead you to your new book idea.


To find more writing prompts, visit my Pinterest page:  https://www.pinterest.com/valerieullmer/writing-prompts/


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