My Sexy Saturday Week 146 #MySexySaturday

#MySexySaturday – Sexy Walks In

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday!  This is where writers post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 words from their WIP or Published Books.  This week’s theme is Sexy Walks In.  The below snippet is from my upcoming release, Kai (The Dark Assassins Series Book 1) available in July.



Kai enjoyed the isolation of both his mountain home and his job as an elite assassin for The Dark Company.  He never involved himself with humans, unless he needed to feed.  Until the night that she came into his life.  He was drawn back to her night after night, a compulsion he couldn’t overcome as much as he willed himself to try and forget her.  She was human, fragile.  But something about her captivated him and he couldn’t let her go.  When she became his next target, his decision would alter both of their lives, forever.


Olivia Sabin dedicated herself to finding a cure for cancer, leaving her no room for a life outside of her lab, until she spotted him.  For six months, he had been her shadow, never showing his face or speaking to her, but she sensed him whenever he was near.  Every night, she found herself anticipating seeing him again.  Over that time, her instinct had recognized that he wasn’t an average human, but it wasn’t until she had stumbled upon an experiment that she knew she needed his help.  He was dangerous, but the only one she trusted.


© 2016 Valerie Ullmer

“Liv?” he asked.

Her eyes lifted until she met familiar silver ones, and she blew out a breath, relieved that he had finally arrived.

“It’s Olivia.  Sorry I took your booth, but I need to talk to you.  Something dangerous happened tonight, and I think that it might affect you, but the way your glaring at me means that you know what happened, and I’m in trouble because it was my name that they gave you, right?” she rambled.

He rose to his full height, and she knew that she had calculated incorrectly; he was closer to six and a half feet tall.  And when she thought he was handsome before, holy hell, up close he was gorgeous.  Before her eyes could travel down his body, his mouth turned down in a severe frown, and she snapped back to the present.  “Sorry, what?”

“I need you to follow me.”

With a swipe of her hand, she deposited the sugar into a water glass before wiping the remnants away with a damp napkin.  He made no move to step back and give her room to exit the booth, but instead of letting him intimidate her, she planted her feet on the floor and glanced up at him, giving him a chance to back up.  His only answer was to lift an eyebrow, but otherwise didn’t move a muscle.

She rose to stand in front of him, barely an inch separating them as she felt the heat radiating off of him, and without thinking it through, she reached out to steady her hands on his chest.  His heat seeped into her chilled body, and she clenched her muscles to prevent her from stepping closer to him.  Instead she removed her hands and sidestepped him, reaching for her coat.  She smiled at Stella, who stood close with a worried look on her face, and slipped into her coat before wrapping a scarf around her neck and sliding on gloves.  When she was in control, she lifted her gaze to meet his unaffected one, and nodded, indicating that she was ready to go.  He reached for her forgotten messenger before he grasped her elbow and walked them outside.


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