Favorite Reads – July 31st, 2016

Exploring New Territories

I love when new ideas come to me, most of them traditional, but every once in a while I read a book from an author I truly admire and the ideas flow from there.  It is said that every idea has been written.  While there is truth in that, I believe that every author has a voice that makes each story they create different and unique.  Ideas might be the same, but it’s how the author dreams up their character’s personalities, the world in which they live in, and what happens to them that will be different in each story you read.

That being said, after finishing the second book in the Dark Assassins series, I became stuck as I wrote the outline for the third in the series.  Not wanting to push my story into a space where my readers and I would hate, I decided to put it aside and develop several stories that I have on the back burner.  One story called out to me, a newly drafted NFL player who had been separated for the first time from his best friend since kindergarten, and had a hard time adjusting to life without her.  And this is when the influence of another idea from a book came in.

Lately, I’ve been exploring other romance beside the typical male and female fall in love.  While there are a lot of romances out there that contain two males who fall in love with one woman, most of them contain BDSM that, to be honest, I have no interest in.  So instead, I’ve come up with a three part series (that might continue past three, depending on the story ideas I generate), where the two heroes are best friends and they are attracted to the same woman, and decide to explore the relationship and eventually fall in love.

While the stories are in their exploration phase, I hope to have more news on the development of the first story soon!

In the meantime, here are three stories that contain more than two protagonists, who fall in love.

Happy Reading!!

Doubled by Charlotte Stein


Bobbi has been friends with the Hoffman twins for one long, glorious year. They’re sweet, funny and kind, but there’s a problem…they’re also hotness personified. Times two. And when they lure her into a kinky little game involving a blindfold and some rather unexpected fondling, she finds them much harder to resist than she’d imagined.It seems they want to be something other than just good friends. They want a hot, steamy ménage, and all Bobbi has to do is decide if she’s up to the challenge. One big, gorgeous guy is enough for her.Two might be more than she can handle…


My Rating and Review

Again, Charlotte Stein has written a book where I became immersed in her words from page one. I loved the characters, Bobbi, Tobias, and Sebastian, and when the book ended, I wished for more of their story. It’s seldom where I love the characters so much, but all three of them were distinct yet fit together so well that I wanted more of their world. A fantastic read that I highly recommend!!!

Lust Dazed by Charlotte Stein


Ellie, Evan and Jimmy have always been best friends. They work together, play together, support each other and…accidentally eavesdrop on each other, doing some very dirty things.

When Ellie hears what Evan and Jimmy have been doing behind her back—watching smutty movies that feature women who look just like her—she doesn’t know whether to be bemused or offended. Or maybe just hugely turned on.

And that’s not even getting into the secret crush Jimmy seems to have on Evan…or the plans he has for the three of them, now that everything’s out in the open…


My Rating and Review

This was a very quick short story that contained very sexy elements, and hopes for a HEA with all of the characters. While I loved the thought of all three falling in love, the ending left me a little wanting. It was a sweet and hot read!!

Curves For Her Billionaires by Christa Wick


For twelve brutal days, my two buddies and I were trapped in hell on an Iraqi oil field, the other members of our inspection team and military escort picked off one by one. Surviving, we forged a bond stronger than blood and vowed to do, and share, everything together.

The alternative energy company we created is on the verge of a research breakthrough that could change the world. It’s made us billionaires — and targets all over again. Bent on destroying the company, our enemies are going after Casey Mack, the one woman who means everything to us.

As head of security, it’s my job to protect her. But it will take all three of us to convince her she’s meant to share our lives, and our bed, forever.


Casey Mack has gone from barely making ends meet to executive assistant at the hottest growth company of the last decade. The only problem is that she serves all three of the top executives, each as delicious and demanding as the other and all intent on having Casey in their lives, and their bed, forever. With the company on the verge of a research breakthrough that could change the world, their enemies will stop at nothing to take them down, including targeting the one woman who means everything to them.


My Rating and Review

HOT!! This book is sexy and addictive from the first page to the last. When Casey is targeted, her three bosses, Hunter, Aldon, and Daniel keep her safe in their home. Soon, Casey realizes that their bosses feel more for her than she previously thought. This is a very sexy, very descriptive book but it’s sweet at the same time. A Must-Read!!

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