Favorite Reads – November 20th, 2016

Christa Wick

While my past favorite reads have featured two authors who are considered erotic romance writers (J.S. Scott and Ramona Gray), the next author has several books that push the boundaries between romance and pure, unadulterated sex on the page.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider Christa Wick’s writing anything close to porn, but she develops ideas that some might think as taboo.

But what sets her apart as a writer is her characters.

Her characters are organic.  Most of her heroines are big, beautiful women who look at themselves as something less.  But they meet the man or men for them and they come to realize not all men like the idealized version of a woman that has been drilled into them throughout their lives.  The men in her books are very take charge.  If they want the heroine, they will do anything in order to get her.

Below are three of my favorite Christa Wick reads and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have!

Happy Reading!!

Curves for Her Billionaire Doms or Curves for Her Billionaires


For twelve brutal days, my two buddies and I were trapped in hell on an Iraqi oil field, the other members of our inspection team and military escort picked off one by one. Surviving, we forged a bond stronger than blood and vowed to do, and share, everything together.

The alternative energy company we created is on the verge of a research breakthrough that could change the world. It’s made us billionaires — and targets all over again. Bent on destroying the company, our enemies are going after Casey Mack, the one woman who means everything to us.

As head of security, it’s my job to protect her. But it will take all three of us to convince her she’s meant to share our lives, and our bed, forever.


My Rating and Review

HOT!! This book is sexy and addictive from the first page to the last. When Casey is targeted, her three bosses, Hunter, Aldon, and Daniel keep her safe in their home. Soon, Casey realizes that their bosses feel more for her than she previously thought. This is a very sexy, very descriptive book but it’s sweet at the same time. A Must-Read!!

Curve Drill


Teague Allen is a former Spec Ops soldier who has recently returned home to L.A. and gets conned by a buddy to fill in as a fitness instructor.

Charlie is the plus-size beauty who won’t give him the time of day, let alone her phone number, especially after Teague has the audacity to tuck his number and address in the band of her workout pants like she’s some kind of stripper!

So what if she fantasizes about him for a week straight and checks him out online, going so far as to look at the county property records for the address he gave her.

It’s not like she’s ever going to his house.

Unless, of course, she finds herself stranded on a nearby street on a hot summer afternoon.

But that totally doesn’t mean she’s going to act on those dirty fantasies.



My Rating and Review

While the book description had me intrigued, the story turned out to be better. Much, much better. When Charlie meets Teague, she is sure that he isn’t interested in her, but it is clear from the first moment, that he’s more than just flirting with her. I loved their story; sweet and intense, but also heartfelt. It was a wonderful book, and I highly recommend it!

Curve Struck


Melanie Archer moved to L.A. to pursue her dream of becoming a top costume designer.  Slowly, she’s working her way up as a wardrobe girl helping whiny starlets and pompous, blowhard leading males strap in.

Declan Bain may be a leading actor and a certified prima donna, but dressing his lean, muscular body is the only perk to her current gig.

Unfortunately, the job is up before things can get interesting. Or so Melanie thinks until she is summoned home and arrives to discover two men present who have no business being in the home of her quiet librarian mother. One is a complete stranger to Melanie, the other is all too recently familiar.

Melanie finds herself more than a little star struck.

Declan’s definitely curve struck.

Will their new relationship lead to a match made in Hollywood — or hell?


My Rating and Review

This is one of my favorite book couples of all time. Melanie and Declan are the epitome of couples who care about one another but are willing to sacrifice their happiness with one another to save the other from pain. I thought Declan was a great hero. Although the POV was through Melanie, his dedication and love for her was amazing. It was a great read!!!



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