Writing Prompt and Short Story – January 1st, 2017

Welcome 2017!!

As a little treat for the new year, I wanted to share another of my writing prompt stories that I wrote early last year.

Wishing all of my readers the best for 2017 and Happy Reading!!

© 2016 Valerie Ullmer

His voice had never sounded so cold.

            Avery flinched at his tone.  She couldn’t really blame him; it’s not every day you hear from your fiancée’s maid of honor that your wedding was called off because the bride-to-be left with the best man.  Now Avery felt less guilty about finding Samuel attractive when he had been engaged to her friend.

            “I am so sorry Samuel, I was just told to tell you what had happened.  I understand you being upset.  Are you sure you want to hear the details?” she asked.

            “Avery…” he snarled.

            “Okay.  Okay.  You asked for the truth Samuel and I want it on record that I had nothing to do with what happened,” she said.

            He growled at her.  He actually growled.  She had never heard a man growl but Samuel was really good at it.

            “Erin said that she had fallen in love with Trey several months back but the wedding was already planned, and she didn’t know how to tell you so when she went to put on her wedding dress she told us that she realized that she couldn’t go through with the wedding and make both of you miserable.  So she left.  With Trey.  Sorry,” she said.

            Samuel glared at her, again.  She had to get out of his path.

            “I’m gonna leave you to…” she trailed off.

            “No, you’re going to stay here until I decide what to do about this,” he said.

            “Well, I can tell everyone to go home, that the wedding has been cancelled,” she said.

            Samuel paced around the room.  Avery had gotten to know him during the planning of the wedding and each time he talked to her, she had shivers go down her spine.  Despite the fact that they had gotten to know each other, this was the longest conversation that she had with him and she was doing most of the talking.

            “Did Erin leave her wedding dress?” he asked.

            Unsure where this was headed, Avery shrugged.  “I think so.”

            “Good, you two are about the same size.  Go put on the dress,” he demanded.


            “You are going to marry me in front of the witnesses out there.  I have business contacts and people I would rather not be humiliated in front of.  Since Erin was a coward and fled, you are going to have to take her place,” he said.

            “Well, since you’re obviously losing your mind, let me point out a few things here.  I am the last person you should marry in front of people if you want to avoid humiliation.  Look at me, I have purple highlights in my hair, I blurt out whatever I am thinking, even if it’s unkind and I am the complete opposite of Erin; so I am obviously not someone you would pick to marry.  Second, you can’t demand that someone marry you because you were jilted at the altar.  Sorry about that again.”  She flinched.

            “I think you would be a perfect bride.  We don’t have time to discuss this.  Can you please, just put on the dress and meet me in 15 minutes?” he asked.

            “Don’t you have someone you could call who would be happy to marry you?” she asked.

            “No, now would you please go get dressed.  We can deal with the details later, after we get married,” he said.

Avery was swept up for another dance by her husband.  Husband, Samuel was her husband.  He hadn’t let her out of his sight the entire evening and it had been the most magical night of her life, even though the fairy tale would be ending soon.

            The way Samuel kissed her after the ceremony made her feel as though her fairy tale wedding came true, as if she was the woman he had planned to marry all along.  But she wasn’t and she had to remember that.

            “Tired?”  Samuel asked as he pulled her to his side and walked back to their table.

            “A little but I was mostly thinking about what happens now,” she said.

            “Well, since it’s late, I figured we could go back to my place so we could talk in the morning about what you want to do,” he said.

            “What I want to do?”

            “Let’s not think about it tonight.  Let’s go home, Mrs. Everett.”

            Her heart gave a jolt when she heard her married name from Samuel in his deep baritone and she couldn’t help but wish that she was his, forever.

“My assistant went to your apartment and packed the items you wanted.  Are you ready for bed?”

            “Um…yeah,” she said.

            He scooped her up and carried her over the threshold.  She gasped in surprise at his romantic gesture and again wished this could be real.  She had married a man she had hardly known but she had lost her heart to him all the same.

            He let her slide down his body and she looked up to see the hunger in his eyes, for her.  She was amazed that a man this powerful, this perfect, could want her.  His gaze drifted down to her mouth and she bit her bottom lip.

            “Let me do that,” he growled.

            This sent a shiver down her body and warmed her all over.

            He lowered his mouth slowly and at the first touch, she let her eyes drift shut and gave into the electricity that traveled through her body.  She moved forward to press harder against his mouth; she didn’t want slow and heady, she wanted hard and fast.

            He groaned and wrapped his arms around her.  Several moments later, he pulled her until she was flush against him and he deepened the kiss; as if he couldn’t get enough of her.

            “Oh, God, Avery, baby, let’s go into the bedroom.  I need you.”

            She couldn’t seem to form the words that told him she needed him, too.  She nodded and he picked her up and walked to the bedroom.

            He made quick work of their clothing and stopped to admire her lingerie for a split second before he removed it, leaving her completely exposed.

            “Beautiful.”  He clamped his mouth over one of her nipples, causing her to cry out.  He laid her on the bed and gazed at her with heat that was barely caged.

            “Samuel!  I need you, please,” she moaned.

            He reached down and felt between her folds and she was soaked for having just kissed him, having his hands on her body.

            “Sorry, I’ll make it up to you,” he growled.

            Before she could reply, he held her hips in between his strong hands and used his knees to open her up to him.  He looked into her eyes and plunged into her, causing both of them to cry out.  He closed his eyes and held himself still.

            She worried that she wasn’t enough for him as she reached up to brush his hair away from his brow.  “Samuel?”  He didn’t respond.  Her body started to move, to strive against his to satisfy them both.

            He opened his eyes and stilled her movements with his hand.  “I don’t have any protection,” he growled.

            “I’m on the pill.”  Her heart stalled when she realized he didn’t want anything permanent, he just wanted tonight.  “Don’t worry, okay.”

            He swooped down to kiss her, lowering his body on hers.  “No, you don’t understand, I wanted to make you pregnant.  I want to claim you in every way possible.  You’re my wife, Avery, and I’m never letting you go.”

            She closed her eyes as tears streamed down her face.  “I thought I was the only one.  I fell in love you with Samuel, I hope that’s okay?”

            “I love you, too,” he growled.  “Now I will show you how much.”

            He started to move, pulling almost all of the way out before plunging back in, making her scream out with pleasure.  She moved her hips to meet his downward thrusts and soon, he brought them over the edge and splintering apart.  He kissed her with passion and intensity that had her screaming out with another orgasm.

            When their breaths quieted, he pulled her on top of his body and held her tightly.  “I never thought I would be this happy, marriage with you will be an adventure.”



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