Writing Prompt and Short Story – January 29th, 2017

Writing Prompt and Short Story

On my new blog series, How I Learned to Write that started on Wednesday, January 25th, 2017, I wanted to share what I learned over the years about writing.  Over the course of the year, I will be covering what books I’ve read, what advice has stuck with me, and how you continue to learn with each book your write.

But the best piece of advice for both new and experienced writers is this:


But like everything you learn, you won’t know how to write until you do so.  And to be truthful, writing every day is the perfect way to learn how to write.

The best place I found to start is writing prompts.  Your first short story might be a paragraph, then you expand to two, then a whole page, and before you know it, the words stream out of you and you have the makings of a novella or novel.

If you look back on some of my other writing prompts in past blogs, you can see how raw they are.  But through my short stories, I learned what fundamentals work and what doesn’t.  Every book you write will have different difficulties (sometimes your characters don’t play nice, or your plot makes no sense) and when this happens, you can always go back and get the answers from the books and sites that are there to help you through your writing journey and then you can get back to writing.

Here is another longer short story from my old writing prompts.

Happy Reading!!

© 2017 Valerie Ullmer

As she searched, her movements were frantic.  Eden McCarthy needed to find that note before Asher Matthews found it.  Damn Edie, she was going to kill her.  It was a stupid game they played while getting an after-work drink.  The words ‘true love’ were spelled vertically and then you counted the letters that matched the letters of your name along with the man you wanted and it calculated the probability that you are destined to be together.  She stupidly wrote that she loved Asher Matthews and signed her name on the back of the paper and Edie, her soon to be ex-friend, put it on Asher’s desk after they left the bar the night before.

            It didn’t matter to her that it was true, she didn’t want Asher to know.  He was tall, a foot taller than her five and a half feet and he was all muscle and strength, and she loved him since the time they met.  She also knew she didn’t have a shot with him.  He was gorgeous and she was the plump nobody from accounting.

            She had met when Asher had come to fix a problem she had with her computer.  It confused her why he, as the President, was fixing her computer problem, but she was grateful for the time she could inconspicuously stare at him.

            She wanted to find the note so she wouldn’t embarrass herself in front of the most perfect man she had ever met.  She already looked on his desk, his drawers, and even on the floor.  It wasn’t anywhere.

            “Looking for something?”  A deep voice asked from behind her.

            She jumped and put a hand over her heart.  She turned slowly, not wanting to explain why she was here.

            “Hey… Asher.”  She looked up to see the note in his hand.  She knew she should have just let it go.  She had to get out of there.  She moved towards the door, hoping to make a quick escape, but he moved in front of her.

            “Where are you going, Eden?”

            “Um…I have a report due soon so I should…”

            He put his arm up and blocked her way out.

            “Asher?”  Her gaze narrowed on is chin, not quite making it up to his eyes.

            “Why are you in my office?”

            “Well, I was looking for the note in your hand.  Edie put in on your desk.”

            “You didn’t want me to know about it?”

            “Not really, it’s a little embarrassing.”  She shifted from one foot to the other.

            “Why?  Is it true?”

            She blushed but didn’t answer.

            “Is it?”

            “I need to go to work, Asher.”  Not answering his direct question.

            “Okay, but tonight we’ll have dinner and you can tell me why the note is embarrassing.”  He wasn’t asking, he was demanding.


            “I’ll swing by your desk at 6.”

            “Okay.”  She agreed for the sake of escape and blew out a breath as she went past him out of his confined office, feeling his eyes on her as she walked away.  How was she going to get out of this?

Asher spent the rest of the day hard as a rock, looking forward to finally having Eden all to himself.  He had dreamt about her in his bed, under him, on top of him; it didn’t matter.  He wanted to get to know her; everything about her.  He loved her name, her smile, her body; fuck, he was obsessed.

             In the office, she shied away from him and blushed whenever he spoke to her.  He loved that she was a luscious woman with long, dark hair and beautiful green eyes.  She was sexy as hell, but she didn’t realize her appeal, to him or others.  He was hoping to change that soon.

            He strode to her office, smiling as he caught her concentrating on the forms in front of her.  She was beautiful and he wanted no one but her.

            “Eden.  Are you ready?”

            She looked up, confused for a second and then her mouth turned down into a frown when recognition sparked in her eyes.

            “Oh, yes.  I was trying to figure out an erroneous calculation…”  She mumbled before she cut off her statement.  She shook her head and getting up to grab her coat and purse.  “Sorry, yes, I’m ready to go.”

            “Great.  Do you like Italian food?”

            “Yes, that sounds wonderful.”

            He gently put a hand on the small of her back and guided her to the elevators.

            “Did you drive?”

            “No, I took the bus.”

            He smiled.  Her short answers amused him, but he had all the time in the world to get her to open up to him.  Grateful that she hadn’t driven, he hoped to talk her into spending the weekend with him.

            They rode down the elevator in silence, he could feel her nervousness.

            “I just want to get to know you, Eden.  I won’t bite.”

            She looked up, her brows pulled down in confusion.

            “Why?” she asked.

            “Because you’re beautiful and I’ve wanted…to get to know you for a long time now.”  He almost said that he wanted her.

            She blushed at his compliment but didn’t say anything else until they were at the restaurant.  They ordered and he started asking her questions, wanting to know everything about this beautiful woman across from him.

            “Do you have a boyfriend?”

            She laughed a little before shaking her head.

            “Why is it funny?”

            “I’ve dated before but it doesn’t usually last more than a date or two.”  Her cheeks tinted with pink.


            “You sound like a parrot.”  She smiled at him.

            “You are avoiding the question.”

            “I suppose I am, but it’s personal.”

            “But we are getting to know each other.  You can ask me anything…after I get to know you better.”

            “Okay…they told me that they wanted someone skinner, prettier, just someone who wasn’t me.”  She tiled her chin up and looked at him as though she expected him to come to the same conclusion.

            He felt rage rush through his entire body.  She was gorgeous and funny and smart and loyal.  He knew all about her because he asked her co-workers and friends.  He also watched her, secretively, and knew she was a beautiful on the inside as well as smokin’ hot on the outside.

            “Are you okay, Asher?”

            “Those guys were idiots,” he growled.

            “It’s fine, really.  I wouldn’t want to be with anyone of them either.”

            “No, I don’t think it is okay.  You are a beautiful woman.”

            “Thank you.”

            He reached for her hand and felt the surge of electricity rush up his arm and straight to his groin.  He was starting to feel grateful for all of the idiots who had broken up with her so he could convince her to be with him.  He knew they would be compatible, in and out of the bedroom.

            “I’ve wanted to get to know you for over a year now.”  He admitted.


            “You want me to be honest?”


            “Because you’re beautiful and smart and you turn me on.”  He was blunt but he didn’t drop his gaze from hers.

            She blushed hard and after searching his eyes for the truth, looked down at her half eaten meal.

            “You’re lying.”

            “No, I’m not.  Come home with me after dinner and I’ll show you.”

            She jerked her head up, still blushing.

            “No, I want to spend time with you, Eden.  We have all weekend to get to know each other and I just love talking to you.”


            He paid the bill and walked her out to his car with his hand on the small of her back.  He couldn’t stop touching her, and he didn’t want to.  Not anymore.  They talked about their favorite books and movies and music and every other thing under the moon while he held her hand.  They had a lot in common and he loved when she blushed admitting that she loved to read romance novels.

            He helped her out of the car and held her hand as he led her inside his house.  He had it built on a plot of land a little outside of the city where he had a private lake behind his house and his nearest neighbors were miles away.  He hoped she liked the house, but he couldn’t concentrate on anything but Eden beside him, touching him.

Eden had loved that Asher had touched her from the beginning of the date.  She felt tingly every time he touched her and looked at her.  God, she loved this man.

            They walked into the large open house with tall ceilings and dark wood exposed beams.  He had a huge fireplace in the living room with comfortable furniture with a view of the lake from the floor-to-ceiling windows.  He told her that he built a large kitchen with all new appliances and the house was built with three bedrooms, all on the second floor.  The staircase was the same dark wood of the exposed beams and it was exquisite.  It was comfortable and functional.  He had wonderful taste.

            Again, she had felt his hand on her since he opened the car door for her.  She loved his large hands on her body, and she wondered how it would feel when they were both naked.  That thought pulled her up short.  They were becoming friends…right?

            “It’s wonderful.  It feels homey,” she said.

            He smiled at her and her knees went weak.  He brushed her cheek with his fingers and put his other hand on her waist, drawing her closer.

            “Eden.”  He groaned before slowly lowering his head and brushing his lips over hers.

            She held her breath and he smiled against her lips.

            “You feel so good.”  He moved his hands over her back and sliding them toward her stomach.

            “Oh, God, Asher.”  A moan escaped her as he reached her breasts, slowly reaching up and brushing against her nipples.

            “Yes,” he hissed.

            He kissed her and she immediately opened so he could explore her mouth.  His tongue darted inside and she moaned.  If she was this turned on by kissing, she was going to burn up if they made love.  He pulled his mouth from hers and he looked her in the eyes.

            “I want you, Eden.”  He grabbed her hand and rubbed her palm against him.  She squeezed him and he groaned.

            “I want you too, Asher.”

            He grabbed her hand and rushed upstairs to his bedroom.  She didn’t remove her eyes from Asher as they reached the bed.  He smiled down at her and took off his shirt.  He was so handsome.  She started exploring his chest, feeling no hair but smooth skin over muscle.  She flicked one of his nipples and he sucked in a breath.

            “Your turn,” he said.

            He unbuttoned her shirt and drew it down her arms.  She didn’t feel her bra follow as she was memorizing every inch of his chest.  She brought her eyes up to his when he cupped her and flicked his thumb over her nipples.

            “God, I want you.”  He leaned forward to suck a nipple into his mouth.

            She arched her back, loving the sensation of his mouth on her.  She needed to touch him.  She reached for his pants, unbuttoning and lowering his zipper.  She removed his cock from the constraints of his pants and boxer-briefs and slid to her knees.  She had to taste him.

            “Eden.  I’m not going to last long and I need to be inside you,” he said.

            She ignored him and brought her tongue out to catch the liquid pooling on the tip of his cock.  He sucked in a breath and she loved his reaction.  She took him fully into her mouth, pressing her tongue against his cock as she bobbed her head up and down.  She urged him on further by squeezing the base of his cock rhythmically while sucking on him, hard.

            “Eden…God, baby, I’m…I’m gonna come.  Move your mouth baby.”

            She sucked harder until she felt him stiffen.  He tasted wonderful, it was the essence of Asher and she loved it.  She cleaned him before he pulled her up and hugged her to his chest.

            “You are the most magnificent woman…”he trailed off.

            “I bet you say that to every woman who gives you a blowjob.”  She chuckled without wanting to give away the fact jealousy coursed through her at the thought.

            He kissed her, his face serious.  “No, I don’t.”

            He kissed her and removed the rest of her clothing.  She felt a little self-conscious but she was so ready for him that when she felt his naked body on hers, she opened her legs.

            “Please, Asher, I need you inside me,” she begged.

            “I need to get you wet first,” he said, moving his hand down and inserted a finger inside of her.  He thrust his finger inside of her, making her moan louder.

            “I’m already wet.  I need you inside me, now.”

            He kissed her again as he positioned his cock at her entrance.  She moved her hips up, she needed to feel him.

            “Eden, baby.”  He pressed his lips against her shoulder and moaned as he pushed into her a few centimeters.

            “Yes,” she hissed.

            “You’re so tight, so tight.”

            She was impatient and moved her legs to his waist and squeezed.  He thrust into her, deeply, and she closed her eyes at the sensation.  She felt so full and when his cock twitched she moaned.

            “Asher, please,” she whispered.

            He started slowly, pulling all the way out and slamming back in.  She loved it.  He moaned and captured her mouth in a kiss.  He stretched her while causing a delicious friction that soon had her body tensing.  He ripped his mouth from hers and buried his face in her neck, pounding her harder.  She had never had an orgasm while having sex and when hers ripped through her while Asher was deep inside her, she started crying at the sensation of being loved so thoroughly.

            “Eden, fuck, fuck, oh, baby.”

            She squeezed his cock as her orgasm washed over her, milking him until he jettisoned deep inside of her.  She felt every pulse of his cock inside of her and it set off another, more intense orgasm.  This one took her breath away.

            Several minutes later, his body went slack against hers and she loved his weight on her.  She wrapped her arms and legs around him and held on.

            His breathing evened out and he rolled to the side, pulling her up against his body.  She didn’t have too many experiences so she started to wonder if she should get dressed and leave.  She leaned back to look at the man who had her heart.  His eyes were closed and he was trying to control his breathing.

            “Asher, should I…leave?” she asked.

            His eyes flew open and a growl ripped from his throat.  He pulled her tighter, cradling her head on his chest.

            “God, no, Eden.  Please don’t leave.”

            “Okay.”  She snuggled into him.

            Before she drifted off to sleep, she thought she heard him say,” You’re mine.”

Asher had woken her up twice throughout the night and each time their lovemaking was intense.  Eden was his and he couldn’t let her go.  Ever.  When she asked if she should leave, his heart stopped in his chest and all he could think was mine.

            His body was relaxed but his mind was racing.  How could he convince her that they were meant to be together, meant for each other.  He loved her; he’d known that for the last six months he didn’t want to live without her in his life.  He had to tell her…this morning.

            She stirred in his arms and he squeezed her tighter.  She moaned and reached out to touch his chest.  Her eyes flew open and he smiled at her.  She smiled back.

            “Morning, sweetheart.”

            “Morning,” she whispered.

            He kissed her and she moaned, wrapping her hands around his neck to pull him closer.  He kissed her hard before breaking the kiss.  She looked at him, confused.

            “Sorry.”  She started to get out of bed.  “I should get going.”


            “Yeah.”  She replied but she kept her back to him.

            “I don’t want you to leave…ever.”

            She whipped around and stared at him.

            “What did you say?”

            “Eden.”  He growled and pulled her flush against his body.  “You’re mine, baby.  Sorry to be so primitive about it, but you’re mine.”

            “I thought that was what you said before you fell asleep.”

            “I wanted to say it louder but you drained all of the energy I had.”

            She snuggled into his chest.

            “I like being yours,” she whispered.

            He rolled her onto her back and pinned her with his legs and arms.

            “I love you, Eden.  I know this is soon but I can’t live without you anymore.”

            “I love you too, Asher.  Since the first time I saw you.  You became my world.”

            “You are my world.  Will you marry me?”

            “You want to marry me?”

            “God, more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life.”

            She hugged him tighter.  “Yes, nothing would make me happier.”

            He closed his eyes.  How had he ever lived without her?

            “So, when you wrote on the note that you loved me, it was the truth?”

            “Yeah, I was going to hold onto that and dream about being with you but it pales in comparison to actually being with you.  I never want to let you go.”

            “I’ll never let you go.  You’re mine.”



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