Writing Prompt and Short Story – February 19th, 2017

Writing Prompt and Short Story

Here is another story that I wanted to share with you from my files of Daily Writing Prompts that got me writing the first year I started.

Happy Reading!!

© 2017 Valerie Ullmer

It was just for one more night but she missed her cozy condo.  Norah Williams had been staying at her brother’s place for a couple of days while her kitchen was being remodeled.  She was told that it would be done tomorrow.  Her brother had decided to spend the night with his girlfriend and she settled into the large sofa to watch a movie when there was a knock at the door.

            Logan Ward stood on the other side.  She caught her breath, waiting for the insults to come.

            “Where’s Nick?”

            “Emma’s.”  Her tone was clipped and immediately she started to shut the door.  “See ya.”


            She opened the door and waited to see what he wanted.  Damn, she should have looked through the side window before opening the door.


            “What are you doing?”

            She looked at him, confused.  Why did he care?  “I was going to watch a movie.”

            “Cool.”  He walked past her, slamming the door behind him.  He took off his jacket while he walked straight to the living room.

            Shit.  Logan made her combative and she brought out the worst in him.  She had no idea why he would want to sit around with her to watch a movie.

            “We’re not watching any girly crap.”

            “Well, I was going to watch over the top girly crap until you arrived to save me.  Thank you, Logan,” she sneered.

            She moved to put in a movie that she had seen several times about a female vampire who falls for a werewolf descendent and vows to protect him.  She then sat as far away from Logan as possible.  He always drove her nuts.

            “She’s hot.”

            “Stop…talking.”  The words came through gritted teeth.


            “Because we are watching a movie.”

            “One you’ve seen a million times.”

            “So?” she asked.

            “Aren’t you bored of it?”

            “Would I be watching it if I were bored with it?”

            “Maybe.”  He shrugged and it annoyed her.

            He looked down and played with the zipper on his hoodie.  She had to admit he was a handsome man.  He was well over six feet tall, while she was only five and a half feet.  He had dark brown hair that was always messy, and sexy.

            Whoa, where did that come from?

            It didn’t matter to her that he had a rock-hard body and the greenest eyes of anyone she had ever known.  She needed to stop thinking of him in any way other than her brother’s annoying friend.

            She must have zoned out because when the realization hit, she caught him staring at her expectantly.

            “Sorry, what?” she asked.

            “Why were you looking at me like that?”

            “Like what?”

            “Like you wanted to jump my bones.”  A smile bloomed on his face.

            “I…do…not,” she spluttered.

            “Yes, you do.”

            “I was thinking that you’re handsome but a little bit of an ass.”

            “See you want me.  Every girl likes the jerk.”

            “First of all, I think I called you an ass, not a jerk.  Second, I don’t want you,” she said.

            “Ass, jerk, doesn’t matter.  You want me.”

            She didn’t say anything but turned to the movie.  He moved closer to her.  She looked at him and he was a few inches from actually touching her.

            “You smell good, Norah.”

            “Holy hell, Logan, did your date flake out on you and now you’re horny or something?”  She maneuvered away from him and put some distance between them.

            It didn’t help because in the next second he slid right next to her.  There were no words so she glared at him.  He smiled back.

            Wowza, had he ever smiled at her like that before?  Nope.

            “Seriously, Logan, what’s going on?  I know that you aren’t attracted to me so spill,” she said.

            He frowned a little.  “What makes you think that I’m not attracted to you?”

            She snorted.  “You can’t stand me.  Every time you see me you growl at me, insult me, and generally avoid me.  Now I smell good?”

            He became the unsmiling man she had always known.

            “We’re dateless tonight, well I am and I know you don’t date very much.  So I thought, we could help each other out.”  There had been no malice in his voice, which confused her for a moment before his words sank in.

             “Wow.  Well as tempting as that is, I would have to say…hell no.  Thanks for pointing out that my love life sucks before you asked me for sex, though.”

            She turned back to the movie.  She was going to ignore him.  That thought lasted about five minutes.


            She turned to him and caught her breath as he cupped her chin and looked in her eyes.  He then leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers.  She felt a jolt go through her body and when he deepened the kiss, she melted against him.  Logan was very thorough.

            She pulled back and suddenly realized what had happened.  She opened her eyes and he was smiling at her.  He had such an amazing smile.

            “Wha…what was that?”

            “A kiss.”

            “I know that, but why?”

            “I wanted to,” he said.

            “Huh.”  She flinched at the sound of her voice.

            He got off the couch and moved to put his jacket on.

            “You’re leaving?” she asked, a little surprised.

            “Yeah.”  He moved forward and kissed her gently on the lips.  “See ya.”

            She was unable to move as the door closed.  She couldn’t believe he would just get up and leave…after.  She couldn’t even think about that kiss without blushing, everywhere.  She was rooted to the spot on the couch and it was an hour before she could get up and get ready for bed.

It was the hardest thing he’d ever done, walking away from her.  He’d wanted Norah since they were teenagers, but her brother had always threatened to kill him if he had ever touched her, and he respected Nick.  He had never touched her.  But he wanted to, every time he saw her.  And tonight, she was alone and she was an adult.  She could make her own decisions and he wanted her to pick him.  He wanted to get to know her again.

            He knew that her remodeled kitchen was completed and she would be home today.  He hoped that she would let him in.  He knocked and waited.

            “Hi.”  Her eyes widened in surprise when she opened the door, and she sounded a little breathless to him.


            It took her a few seconds and then she realized they were still on her porch.

            “Come in.  I was just making dinner.  Wanna stay?”

            “Sure, thanks.”  She was a wonderful cook.

            She took his coat and walked him into his newly renovated kitchen.

            “Wow, they did a great job.”  He took in the black cabinets and granite counter tops with large stainless steel appliances.

            “Yeah, I’m proud of it.  Lasagna, salad and garlic bread is almost ready.  Go ahead and sit down.”

            She looked so elegant moving around in her kitchen.  He always thought she was out of his league but now, it didn’t matter to him.  He was tired of worrying about what Nick would think if he dated his little sister, he wanted her and it was about time to know if she wanted him.

            While they ate, they caught up on their lives.  She was successful with her interior design business and he was doing well with his construction company.  He felt happy for the first time in a while and it was all because of Norah.  He washed dishes as she dried and put them away.  Brushing into her was making his nerves stand on end and he was all too aware of her nearness.  It took all of his concentration to stand there and make conversation when all he wanted was to strip her naked and explore her body on her new kitchen countertop.


            He must have drifted off in thought.

            “Yeah.”  He dried his hands as they walked to the living room and sat on the couch.  He wasn’t ready to call it a night.

            “This is the most we’ve seen each other in a while.  Do you have something you want to talk about?”

            He moved closer to her so they were sitting shoulder to shoulder.  She placed her head on his shoulder and he wrapped an arm around her and pulled her closer into his chest.  She belonged there.  She sighed and he looked down.  She reached up with one hand and caressed his face.

            “That’s dangerous, sweetheart,” he growled.

            “For you or me?”

            “You,” he said.

            “I hope so.”  Her smile snapped his control.

            He wrapped a large hand around her neck and kissed her, deeply.  She moaned in response which made him groan.  He pulled her onto his lap and started rubbing her hip.  Her hands were roaming his chest.  He ripped his mouth away from hers to trail it down her cheeks and her neck.  He took several deep breaths and put her back on the couch.  He wanted to take this slow, not rush her.

            “I’d better go.”  Without waiting for an answer, he lifted off the couch before he sat her back down.  He backed away reluctantly.

            “That’s the second time you’ve kissed me and bailed.  You don’t…want me?”

            He grabbed her gently by the arms and wrapped her into his large body.

            “I do want you, more than you know.  I just want to do this right.  Take you out on actual dates.  Move slowly,” he said.


            “Because I want you in my life for more than a quick lay.”  He admitted some of what he was feeling.

            She smiled.  “Okay.”

            He jerked his head up.  “Okay, you’ll go out with me?”



            She nodded.

            He kissed her quickly on the mouth and backed out the door.  “Goodnight, sweetheart,” he said.


It had been a whole month.  She’d seen him every night after work and they spend the weekends together, making dinner, talking, laughing, go to the movies, dancing; whatever they felt like.  Her home felt right with him in it and her heart was telling her that she wanted him, forever.  The problem was she wanted more.  She wanted him, almost with a fierceness that she couldn’t understand.

            Sitting on the couch after dinner, she made the first move.  She straddled his lap and started kissing him, all while unbuttoning his shirt.

            “God, baby.”  He groaned before he kissed her back.

            “Yes.”  A hiss escaped her as her hands roamed over his chest and back as she removed his shirt.  She reached for the button on his jeans when his hands stilled her progress.  She sighed in exasperation.

            “Okay.”  She moved off of him to sit on the other side of the couch.  She didn’t want him to see her tears.  All she did was throw herself at him and she would take the hint and stop trying.

            He was breathing hard but she still didn’t look at him.  She felt hollow.  She was certain that he wanted her as much as she wanted him but she had been wrong.  She needed to distance herself from him, her heart couldn’t take this.

            “Um, I’m kinda tired, do you mind if we call it an early night?”


            He stood up and turned her to face him.  She looked down at her feet and begged for him to be quick about it.  He raised her chin with his hand and smiled.  She gave a small smile back.  He didn’t say anything so she started for the door.  He gently reached for her arm and pulled her back.

            “I was trying to give us time,” he said.

            She held her breath knowing that it was over, whatever this was.  She loved him and he was going to leave.  Pain lanced through her and it stopped her breath.

            “It’s okay.”  She mumbled not knowing what she was saying.  “I’ll see you later, okay.”  She broke away from him and walked to the door.

            Please, just leave before I break down.

            “You don’t understand.”

            She didn’t turn around.

            “I was trying to give you time, to see if you felt the same way about me.”

            She turned around then.  “What do you mean?  I’ve been trying to get you naked for a month now and you don’t seem interested.  I’ve only wanted you for years but all you see is your friend’s little sister.”

            He wrapped her into a fierce hug.  “God, Norah, I love you so much.  I was waiting until you married me.  I wanted to do this right.  Date you and then propose.  It has been so hard not being able to touch you the way I want.”

            “You…love…” she started.

            “Yes, I love you more than my own life and I want to marry you.”  He reached into his pocket.  “I’ve had this for a while now.”  He got down on his knee and took her hand.  “Norah Audrey Williams, will you do me the great honor of marrying me and becoming my wife?”

            She threw herself into his arms and started crying.  “Yes!  Yes, I’ll marry you.  I love you so much, Logan.  Can we get married soon?”

            “As soon as you want.”  He hugged her fiercely and whispered, “I’ll never let you go, you’re mine and I love you so much.”

            “I’m not going anywhere.  Where you are is where I belong.”



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