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Seth (A Dark Assassins World Novella)


Immortals have been a part of Seth’s world since he barged into Kai’s life at the age of twelve. And having a group of shifter and vampire assassins he considered family, he thought that he’d seen it all and that nothing would surprise him. But the one night he met Aubrey changed his world, and he’d never been so happy to be wrong.

Aubrey was used to seclusion, even before she had been turned into a vampire. She’d never dreamed of a life outside her tiny little world, but that was until she met Seth. Before she could understand her reactions, she ran from him. But she couldn’t stay away. The more she gets to know him, the stronger the connection between them solidifies.

When Seth tells Aubrey that he is her mate, will she take a chance and keep him forever?



© 2017 Valerie Ullmer

One night, curiosity got the better of him, and he searched for a way into Kai’s house.  Seth had been stubborn and impulsive back then and he’d been determined to find what secrets he hid in the gigantic house.  But when Seth heard a loud snarl behind him as he fiddled with the downstairs doorknob, his nerves fled and he thought that he would soon be dead.  Instead, when he turned around, Kai had a smile on his face and Seth, his body sagging as relief washed over him, impulsively shot out his fist and punched the vampire in the chest.

“Not funny,” Seth said.

“Kid, you should’ve seen your face.”

“It’s Seth, not kid.”

“And I’m Kai.  Come on, I’ll show you around.  I don’t want you to try to break in and hurt yourself.”

And with that, their friendship had formed.  It was tentative at first, but the vampire always answered his questions with honesty and Seth had never once felt anything but safe with Kai.  When Kai had fallen for Liv, she had managed to change the dynamic between Seth and Kai.  Kai had often said he thought of Seth as a son and would tell him how proud he was.  It meant the world to the nineteen-year-old; it still did.  And because Seth had come around to spend time with Liv, he had gotten to know the other shifters and vampires and soon they had developed into a close-knit family.  He knew that with his immortal family, they cared for him and loved him as he loved them.  Hell, they’d bought him an SUV as his high school graduation gift and loaded it with enough gadgets and a bullet-proof body that the president of the United States would feel protected.



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