Favorite Reads – April 16th, 2017

Favorite Reads – Sweet Love Stories

The idea of sweet love stories came to me when I was watching the news a couple nights ago.  The local news interviewed a 100-year-old woman who still works at the local high school once a week because she loves it and does it to stay busy.  She spends the rest of the time reading romance novels, but they are sexier than she remembered and she mentioned that liked the sweeter romance books.

Although I write erotic romance and like to read them as well, when I do like a sweet romance, I tend to remember it.  Below are three books that I enjoyed and I hope you do as well.

Happy Reading!!!

The Kiss by Sotia Lazu


Eliza is out with a dreamy guy, when the lights go out and someone other than her date takes advantage of the dark to kiss her more passionately than she’s ever been kissed before. It could be any of the men at the nearby tables—except for her horrible ex and his buddy, also known as the bane of her existence.

Nate is screwed. He approached the woman of his dreams with kindergarten tactics, and he isn’t surprised they backfired. Kissing her during the blackout was supposed to help him get over her, but it made him want her more. Too bad she hates his guts.

Now Eliza is determined to find her prince, and Nate has to find a way to fix things or sit back and watch her kiss a few frogs.


My Rating and Review

This was a sweet story.  The conflict between Eliza and Nate is real but when they get together, it’s sweet.  I really enjoyed the ending.

Me Again by Keith Cronin


Two young stroke victims meet in a hospital . . .

Jonathan’s memory is gone, wiped clean by a six-year coma. Since nobody had expected him to recover, his sudden awakening becomes an awkward intrusion on his family and friends.

Rebecca’s personality has changed, making her a stranger to her husband. Gone is the vivacious trophy wife, replaced by a shy, awkward woman with a knack for saying exactly the wrong thing.

They don’t fit in. And they’ll never be the same. But now they’ve got to decide what matters most: who they were, or who they can become?

A steadily accelerating story exploring the irony, humor, and opportunity that can accompany personal calamity, ME AGAIN follows the intertwined paths of two people forced to start over in life: one looking for his place in a world that has moved on without him, the other struggling to navigate a relationship with a man who wishes she were someone else.


My Rating and Review

I enjoyed this book a great deal. After having a stroke, Jonathan needs to relearn everything again. He gets to know another stroke victim, Rebecca and learns to live his life again. It is a story about how change and getting to know yourself and want you want out of life. A very touching story! Highly Recommended!!!

Cross My Heart by Abigail Strom


When opposites attract…

The last thing Jenna Landry wants is to fall in love. The former rock musician is getting ready to start a new job and a new life in LA, and she’s only back in her hometown for the summer. Nothing could tempt her to stay any longer than that…not even the sexy doctor next door.

Michael Stone has a reputation for being as cold as ice. So what is it about his free-spirited neighbor that sets him on fire? The straitlaced MD has his hands full with his career and his teenage daughter, and even if he were looking for a relationship, he knows Jenna is all wrong for him.

So why does being with her feel so right?


My Rating and Review

While I absolutely hated the book Rikki, this book was the introduction to the Abigail Strom.  When Jenna Landry moves in next door to Michael, an doctor, they are the opposites in every way.  Michael just wants to move on with his life with his daughter, but when his daughter recognizes Jenna as a rock star, Michael finds himself attracted to his neighbor.  But no matter how much they get along and no matter how much Jenna falls for both him and his daughter, Michael doesn’t take a chance on the relationship until it’s almost too late.  It’s a sweet story!



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