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My Sexy Saturday – My Sexy Stud

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday!  This is where writers post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 words from their WIP or Published Books.  This week’s theme is My Sexy Stud.

Today’s excerpt comes from my full-length novel from the Liaison Series

The Mistake Escort’s Pleasure (A Liaison Novel).

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Lucian Cole was the exact copy of a successful businessman. From his custom-tailored suits to his dedication to his tech company, he lived for work. But lately, a restlessness had come over him, and it had been driving him to find someone to share his life with.

Easier said than done.

The women he dated were more interested in his money and his position in life than getting to know him, and he started to think that he would never find the right woman. Seeing his sister’s happiness with his best friend had given him hope that something might change, but after years of choosing work over dating, he might have to admit to himself that he missed the one woman he was meant to be with.

Ellie Roth loved color, art, and design, and it permeated every part of her life. She had settled into her career over the years, finding that she managed projects more than she designed, and each day she found that she missed letting her creative side shine through. Although her life hadn’t gone exactly the way she planned, she’s stunned when she receives a wedding invitation from her ex-boyfriend and her old roommate. And now she needs a date, the sooner the better.

At her friend Nina’s suggestion, Ellie made an appointment with Rebecca Kane at Liaison to ask for the slim chance that one of her escorts could pretend to be her boyfriend. What she hadn’t counted on was meeting Lucian Cole and her instant attraction to the man. But with his expensive suit, his perfectly combed hair, and his gorgeous face, she knew that he wasn’t meant for her.

After presenting her request to Rebecca, Lucian quickly offers to pose as her boyfriend. Pushing aside her attraction, she knew that nothing could come from her interest to Lucian and scoffed at the idea. They were complete opposites. But the more she refused, the more he charmed his way into her life, until she found herself agreeing to the preposterous plan.



© 2016 Valerie Ullmer

The elevator ride felt like hours, but he took a deep breath as he stood outside her door.  He couldn’t help the smile as he heard her laugh, and he knocked, a little harder than he intended.

When she opened the door, his world had righted, because she was standing in front of him.  Her hair was up in a severe knot, and she wore a business suit that hid the vivacious woman he’d gotten to know.  He wanted to rip the pins out of her hair and run his fingers through it, but he settled on her beautiful face as a smile bloomed there.

She breathed his name a split second before she launched herself in his arms.  He caught her with ease, wrapping his arms around her and bringing her flush against his body, before he kissed her breathless.  He couldn’t remember who initiated the kiss, and at the moment, couldn’t bring himself to care.  She was in his arms, where she belonged.

He pulled back and buried his face in her neck, breathing her in.  His body hardened at her familiar scent.  He was amazed how much he missed her soft fragrance, her laugh.  He tightened his arms, reluctant to release her, even after he heard someone inside her apartment clear their throat.  He pulled back and smiled down at her, and she conveyed how much she missed him when she relaxed in his arms.  He growled when he spotted the flare of desire in her eyes.

“I think you can put her down now,” came a man’s voice, clipped and strained.

Without skipping a beat, she muttered, “I kinda like it up here.”

The smile on his face grew, and he leaned toward her to press his lips against her forehead.  He put her on the ground and raised a brow in surprise when she interlaced their fingers before she pulled him into her apartment.  He didn’t care where they were headed, as long as she kept touching him.



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