Writing Prompt and Short Story – April 30th, 2017

Writing Prompt and Short Story

 On Wednesday, I will be talking about writing love scenes.  And just like everything else, it takes practice to write what most authors would call an action scene.  It’s showing, not telling in it’s simplest form.

Below is one of my short stories back when I had been working on sharpening my writing, and my first real attempt at a love scene.

Happy Reading!!

© 2017 Valerie Ullmer

She felt for the lock in the dark, needing to get away before Gabe woke up and found her sneaking out.  Emme Harris knew she was a coward, plain and simple.

            Last night, her latest attempt at a date had been disastrous, again.  They had just received their drinks when her date cleared his throat and caught her attention.

            “Before we go any further, I should tell you that I am gay,” he said.

            “Okay.  Why would you let Laura set us up then?”

         “You seemed like you needed a date and I felt sorry for you after Laura told me that you have been dumped…a lot.”

            Flinching from that hurtful comment, she noticed there was a gentleman who was trying to get her date’s attention.  She nodded to the guy at the bar.  “You should take him up on his offer.”

            He smiled at her and got up without a goodbye, which left her alone in a very romantic Italian restaurant.  Instead of worry about it, she relaxed as she perused the menu, deciding to treat herself.

            “Another one?”  A familiar deep voice on her right.

            She felt the shivers go down her spine and took a deep breath before she looked up into a set of deep blue eyes.  She smiled a tight smile while her heart tripped in her chest.

            “Hi, Gabe, how are you?”

            He smiled and pulled out the seat across from her.  “Do you mind if I join you for dinner?”

            “No, I don’t mind.”  She went back to peruse the menu.

            She ordered linguini with clam sauce and he ordered a steak and when the menus were removed, it left her staring at him without the distraction.  She had known Gabe Taylor for a couple of years and, truth be told; she had fallen for him a long time ago.   He was funny, intelligent, and gorgeous.  He was over six feet tall with dark hair and broad shoulders.  People, especially women, gravitated toward him because he had a presence that was intoxicating.

            She had wanted him since the day she met him.

He had touched her arm while shaking her hand and the electricity almost short-circuited her heart.  Whenever they went out with their friends, she would watch him with undisguised love and jealousy when she spotted him with another of the many beautiful women in his life.  She wasn’t beautiful, or tall, or blonde, everything that he seemed to prefer.  She knew better but she couldn’t help dreaming.

            She ordered her second drink despite feeling lightheaded.  It was the drinks, or, more probable, her dinner companion that made her feel that way.  They talked about their mutual friends and what he was working on now.  He was a talented architect and she loved his designs because he always incorporated natural light into every design.  That is why she had chosen her little cottage; she had a wonderful kitchen and living room that opened onto a large backyard with plenty of sunshine.  It helped that she was a writer and could stay home and enjoy the serenity she had found there.

            “So what happened to this one?”  He nodded over towards the two men who were laughing together.

            “Gay,” she stated flatly, taking a sip of her drink.  “I’m done with dating.  I think Laura secretly hates me because the last date she set me up with before this one was married.”

She was shaking her head, having a little pity party.  She had bought another dress, this one sage green that was simple, yet elegant.  She was done with trying to find someone who wasn’t Gabe.  She had to snap out of it.  She was happy as a writer, getting lost in her character’s worlds and loving the fact that she could change any awkward situation.

            “Sorry,” he said.

            “No worries.  I’m tired of being suckered into dating men totally wrong for me.”

            He smiled.

            Her breath caught looking at him but she soon reminded herself that this wasn’t a date; he was just sitting with her because they were friends.

            While they were eating, she had two more Cosmopolitans and she was feeling a little lightheaded when she finished.  She paid the bill, despite his protests, and excused herself.  She needed to go home and sleep this off.  When she got up, she was dizzy and righted herself quickly when she saw Gabe come around the table to help her.  She waved him off, not wanting to feel the electricity from his touch, and moved quickly toward the front of the restaurant.  She flagged down a cab when he came up behind her and put an arm around her waist.  There it was again, the electricity zinging through her body but this time she felt the warmth of his arm spread throughout her body.  He pulled her to a waiting taxi and when they were settled, he kept a hand on her waist and put her head against his shoulder and she had fallen asleep.


She woke up to a strong arm around her waist and a solid, naked chest pressed against her back.

Oh…my…God, what did I do?

She remembered drinking and when she left the restaurant, Gabe had put her into a cab.  He must have brought her back to his house.  She needed to get out before she embarrassed herself further.

            She glanced over her shoulder and stared at Gabe’s handsome face, relaxed in sleep.  He stirred for a moment to pull her closer before falling back into a deep sleep.  She closed her eyes, loving the feel of her body curved into his.  She pretended, just for a minute, that he was hers and she reveled in his strength and warmth.

            A few minutes later, his arm loosened and she took her chance and moved toward the edge of the bed.  When she got out of bed and looked down, she noticed that she was only dressed in a large tee that smelled like Gabe.  She loved the smell of his shirt so she slipped back into the dress she wore the night before and pulled his shirt over her dress.  It wasn’t pretty, but she hoped no one would see her early morning exit.  She took one long look back at Gabe sleeping, resisting the urge to slip back into his warm embrace.  As quietly as she could she left the bedroom and shut the door behind her.

            She quickly moved toward what she hoped was the front door through the dark.  Her fingers held on to the heels of her shoes while walking towards her exit, trying to make as little noise as possible.  She relaxed as she reached the front door.  She let out a shaky breath, but before she could leave, the hall light flicked on and a strong arm and caught her around the waist and slammed her into his chest.

            “Where are you going?”

            “Um…I was just heading home.”  She needed to apologize for being a burden to him.  “Sorry about last night…”

            He turned her around quickly and pressed her into the door, his arms braced on the door above her head.  He moved forward and pinned her up against the wall with his body.

            Oh, my God.  He’s naked.

            She took a deep breath, trying to control her sudden need to touch him…everywhere.  She looked up and saw anger etched in his face and burning in his eyes.


            He looked at her with an intensity she didn’t understand.  He didn’t speak but his breaths were labored.

            She took a chance and moved her hand up to barely brush his cheek.  “Gabe, are you okay?”


            “I’m sorry.”  She pulled her hand away from his cheek.  He caught her hand and brought it back to his face.  She wanted more, she wanted all of him.  Just for one night.   She looked at him with heat in her own eyes.

            “Em,” he growled.

            “Gabe?”  She moved as if by magnetic pull and stood on her toes and held onto his arms to kiss his mouth.  When he didn’t kiss her back, she placed tiny little kisses on his neck, collarbone and shoulder.  She loved the feel of his strength surrounding her, his arms taut while she explored.  She realized he was standing there, not moving.

            He didn’t want her.

            She sank back against the door and closed her eyes.  When she felt control over her body, she opened her eyes and looked up.

            “I have to go.”  She quickly turned for the door.  He didn’t budge.

            “No you don’t.”

            “Gabe, I have to go.”  She almost cursed when her voice shook.  She was finished making a fool of herself over men, most of all this man.  She needed to distance herself.  That way she would have her dignity.

            “Look at me, Em.”

             She looked up, hoping this time he would step back so she could leave.  He looked at her for a moment and then pushed himself off of the door and gave her distance.  He wanted her gone.

            She looked down and turned toward the door, tears brimming in her eyes.  “Thanks,” she said.  She had never wanted a man more than she wanted Gabe but she had made a fool of herself, again.

            “I can’t do this, anymore.”


            “Watch you date another loser and not even see me.”

            She sucked in a breath.  She had to tell him.

            “All I see is you, Gabe.  You’re all I want, but I’m not enough for someone like you.”  She unlocked the door, the sound echoing through the silent room.


Gabe’s heart tripped at her confession.  How could Emme say that?  She was beautiful, smart, and sexy as hell.  He loved that she was shorter than him by at least a foot, and he felt the need to protect her but more than that, to make her his.  She was all consuming with her energy and her love and her loyalty and he wanted her with a fierceness that scared him.

            “What do you mean, someone like me?”

            She sighed.  “You’re perfect.”


            “To me, you’re perfect.  You have women around you all of the time, and you never date a woman more than a couple of times.  I suppose I can understand that.  But I’m not beautiful or tall or sophisticated.  You need someone who will compliment who you are and that’s not me.”

            He stood perfectly still.  All he wanted was her.  He wanted to hear her laughter, to see her smile, see her eyes darken as he kissed her breathless.   He wanted to feel her long, dark hair all over his body.  He wanted her to cry out while she was under him, over him, it didn’t matter as long as she was his.

            “You are every one of those things.  I’ve been trying to make you jealous with those other women,” he admitted.


            She looked at him with disbelief in her eyes.  He had to make her understand.  He walked over to her and picked her up, relocking the door.  He carried over to the couch and sat down with her on his lap.  He held back long enough while she was trying to entice him earlier, afraid of losing control, but he needed to taste her.

            He leaned forward and kissed her, softly.  His need for her rose quickly and he deepened the kiss, using his tongue to gain entrance and taste all of her.  For several minutes, he explored her mouth but he needed to explain so he pulled back, kissing her lightly and stroking her back.  He moved her head to lay on the curve of his shoulder.

            “The first time we met, I was speechless.  You were beautiful, smiling, bringing sunshine into my world when I didn’t even know it was dark.  When we touched, I felt my heart stop.  I wanted you then and I have wanted you every day since.”

            “I remember feeling the same way but you scared me,” she whispered.


            “You were like a perfect dream and I knew that I would never be in your orbit.  I saw your girlfriend at the time and I knew that would never be me.  I was jealous though,” she admitted.

            “I was jealous of you, too.  When you went out on date after date, I was pissed.  I just kept thinking that you were mine.  You didn’t know, but I was always close by just in case you needed me.”


            He pulled her face into his neck and shook with the need to possess this woman, his woman.  God, he loved her.

            “Yes.  You will always be mine.  You’re going to marry me, soon because I love you.”

            She shook in his arms and he looked down to see tears pouring down her face.

            “Oh, God, baby, please don’t cry.”

            She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed herself closer.  Her tears kept flowing and he rubbed her back, whispering over and over how much she meant to him.

            “I love you, too, Gabe.  So much more that you will ever know.”

            “Will you marry me?”

            “Yes, I would love to marry you,” she said, wiping her tears and looking into his eyes.  “Nothing would make me happier.”

            “You make me happy, Em.  All I need is you.”  He pulled her into a deep kiss.

            She straddled his lap and he made quick work of the T-shirt and dress.  He kissed her chest and removed her strapless bra, quickly taking her into his mouth.  He moved his fingers to find her wetness and she was ready for him.

            She cried out as he worked his fingers inside of her and his mouth on her breasts and he knew he wouldn’t last, he needed her now.  He ripped off her panties and looked into her eyes.

            “Baby, I need to be inside you.”

            “Yes,” she hissed.

            He lifted her hips and she slowly lowered herself onto him.  She was so tight but he didn’t realize why until he hit a barrier.  He closed his eyes to prevent his need from taking over completely and impaling her onto him.

            “Baby, you’re…” he couldn’t finish.

            “Is…is that a problem?”  Her eyes were wide, worrying about his reaction.  She couldn’t stop moving her hips and the friction was driving him mad.

            “No, it just…I’m about to lose control and I don’t want to hurt you.”

            She took that decision out of his hands.  She pressed down quickly until he was fully inside her tight wetness and he groaned at the feeling of being the first man Emme had ever been with.  He held her closely and kissed her with all the love that he felt.  She was perfect for him.

            “Are you okay?” he asked, gritting his teeth, looking at the most beautiful woman he’d ever known.  His heart seized for a moment, taking the edge off of his need.

            She moaned in response, squeezing and moving up until his cock was almost all the way out and slamming back onto him.  He groaned and started moving his hips upward while she was coming down.  Soon, he felt her tighten around him as she threw her head back and screamed his name.  He watched her come apart in his arms and knew that he would never let her go.


            He followed closely behind her, releasing himself deep inside her.  She was so sensitive that she had another orgasm as he swelled inside her body.  He caught her in his arms until their heartbeats slowed.

            “I…” she started.

            “Yes.  It’s never been like that for me,” he said in awe.

            She looked into his eyes and she smiled.  He closed his eyes at the picture she made sitting on top of him, after making love with him like an angel.  She traced her finger over his eyebrows, lips, cheeks.

            “Are you…sure?”

            His eyes snapped open.  He kissed her while laying her out on the couch and this time he entered her slowly, loving as her breath caught.

Emme closed her eyes, knowing she must be dreaming.  Gabe didn’t love her, she wanted him to.  He kissed her eyelids, bending her right knee and holding her leg to his side, finding the exact spot that made her body splinter.  He heard him groan above her and when he released inside her again, her body took over and she came a third time.  He was potent, to both her heart and her body.

            “Emme, I love you and I will want you for the rest of my life,” he said.

            He was still inside her and she felt awed that this perfect man, this wonderful man, loved her.

            “I love you, too.”

            “Good, then you’ll have to marry me soon.”

            “Whenever you want.”

            “Do you trust me?”


            He got up and carried her back to bed, leaving her clothes strewn around the living room.  He tucked her under the covers and followed her in.  He pulled her to his chest.

            “Don’t leave me,” he said.

            “Never again.”



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