Writing Prompt and Short Story – June 11th, 2017

Writing Prompt and Short Story

For the last month, I have been busy writing and editing my new gay romance, Unexpected (A Unexpected Novel Book One) so I have neglected my How I Learned to Write section on my blog.  To make up for that, I wanted to share one of my older stories with you.  There will be a new How I Learned to Write post this Wednesday.

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© 2017 Valerie Ullmer

The Ferrari stopped and the tinted window opened to reveal Greyson Roth.  A small smile touched his lips, as if he knew a secret that he would never divulge, but Agnes Rose knew he was dangerous to her mind and body so she just smiled and waved but kept on walking, not wanting to miss her bus.

            Her heart sped up at the small glimpse she had of him, but she tamped it down knowing that she couldn’t get her hopes up knowing that he wouldn’t even look at her in any interested way and she wouldn’t expose herself to that kind of heartbreak.

            She was close to the bus stop when she felt a warm hand clasp her wrist and she abruptly stopped.  She turned to look into the light blue eyes of the one man she was doing her best to avoid.

            “Greyson, I have to go, the bus…” she said as the aforementioned bus drove past her.  “Well, shit,” she mumbled under her breath.

            His deep chuckle reverberated throughout her body causing her to shiver but before he could mesmerize her further, she pulled her wrist from his grasp.

            “I’ll see you later,” she said before she started walking towards the next bus stop, she needed to get away from him before she begged him.  For what, she wasn’t quite sure.

            “Agnes, I can’t let you walk in the dark.  Why don’t you let me drive you home,” he said.

            She started to shake her head but her muscles froze when he intertwined their fingers and pulled her towards his car.  She wanted to protest but the electricity zinging up her arm had stopped any words before they formed.  He opened the door for her but held onto her hand until she was seated and then as if he worried that she might run from him, he reached over and clicked in her seatbelt.  As he pulled back, his arm brushed her breast and she sucked in a breath but he ran around the car and got in without a word.

            She had seen him around the building he owned because she worked for one of the web development companies that he leased space to but she had made it a point to avoid him.  For the first time in her life, she wanted to jump into a man’s arms and nibble on his lips.  She wanted to strip him and taste every inch of his six foot three frame.  He was muscular with broad shoulders and a flat stomach.  She knew that he wasn’t really interested in her, he found her a challenge and that intrigued him.  He couldn’t really think of her seriously.

            She shook herself out of her sensual fog and realized that he wasn’t driving her home.

            “Where are we going?” she asked.

            “My place.  Do you have any plans for this weekend?” he asked.

            “Um…”  She didn’t have any plans but she sure as shit didn’t want to go to his house.  “Yeah, I have a project I have to finish this weekend and I’m behind,” she stuttered.

            “Liar,” he laughed.

            “Well then I’ll start a project but I don’t want to go home with you,” she said.

            “Why not?  I’ve wanted to get you alone for six months now but you’ve been avoiding me.   You’re not getting away from me now that I have you,” he growled.

            “Greyson, do you want to know why I’ve been avoiding you?” she asked.

            He nodded.

            “You’re a gorgeous, tall, muscular, sexy man.  A man who has nothing in common with a short woman who is lacking in the beauty department and who has more in common with a computer than with a person.  I don’t understand your interest…unless your interest in me is as a friend which you can forget the first part of my rant,” she said cringing.

            His jaw locked and he refused to say anything until he pulled into a long, round driveway next to a beautiful colonial style brick house, accented with blue and white trim.  He rounded the car and offered his hand, which she took.

            He escorted her into the beautiful foyer and after he slammed the door shut behind her, he backed her up until her back hit the door.  His eyes closed and his breathing was shallow, as if he was trying to control himself but surprisingly, she wasn’t afraid.

            “Greyson?” she asked hesitantly.

            He lifted his head and opened his eyes but without a word, he pressed his lips into hers, causing her to gasp at his unbelievable action.  He took advantage of her open mouth and deepened the kiss, exploring her mouth with his tongue.  Soon, she felt her body melt into his as she lifted her arms, her fingers playing with his hair.  She moaned and he ripped his mouth from hers.

            “Finally,” he growled.

            He went back to kissing her, as if he couldn’t get enough of her and she forgot all the reasons why she shouldn’t be in his arms until he slipped his hand under her thin blouse, her breath caught and she froze.

            “Agnes?” he questioned.

            “I’ve never…” she started.

            He lowered his forehead onto hers and blew out a long breath.

            “I’m sorry, I’ll just go now,” she said and started inching toward the door handle to let herself out but he caged her in with his strong arms.  “Greyson, I should really go.”

Greyson trapped Agnes in his arms and he refused to let her go, even with the surprising news that she’d never been with a man.  She was almost twenty-eight years old and the thought was unbelievable considering he couldn’t get her out of his mind and every time he saw her, his body would instantly harden as if he were a teenager again.  He couldn’t let her go now.

            “I want you,” his voice was gravelly.

            Her body shook and a blush bloomed on her cheeks.  “I—“

            “But it’s more than that.  Come in the kitchen while I make dinner and we can talk,” he stated.

            He interlaced their fingers and walked her towards the kitchen as he marveled again at how her simple touch could make him feel.  He sat her on one of the tall chairs next to the counter and poured her a glass of wine before he opened the refrigerator to grab chicken sausage, pesto, green beans and peas and then to the pantry to grab some pasta.  As he travelled around his kitchen, he could feel her eyes on him and if possible, his pulse pounded harder as he tried to concentrate on the task at hand.

            “Why are you scared of me?” he asked while everything had been set on the stove to cook.

            “I told you already,” she said, fidgeting as she sat under his scrutiny.

            “I find you to be a beautiful, funny, intelligent woman and I would like to get to know you.”

            She laughed.  “I find that hard to believe.”

            “If you don’t believe that I find you attractive, although I do very much, you must feel it when I touch you.  I know you did when I kissed you.”

            She hesitated but only for a second.  Her honesty was one of the things he found damn sexy.  “I feel it when you look at me,” she took a deep breath and continued, “but like I said, I don’t understand why you are attracted to me.”

            “My body craves you, every time I look at you and every time that I brush against you, my cock grows hard.  I’ve never had that reaction to any woman in my life, ever.  Besides that, I love talking with you, well, really, sparring with you because you are always defensive with me.  I look forward to just being with you.  I’m attracted to you because you’re beautiful,” he said with finality.

            At his confession, her breath came in short pants and her hand jumped to her throat.  Her eyes were wide and she looked at him differently than even five minutes before.

            “I’m…I want you too,” she admitted quietly.

            Even though his body craved hers, craved being inside of her, he plated their dinner and carefully sat their plates on the table before he turned and placed his hands on her waist.  He kissed her, briefly, before leading her to the table and they sat.  Their dinner was quiet and he noted her quickened breathing and the pulse fluttering her blouse and it took all the control he had to not take her on the kitchen table.  It had become vitally important to him that he didn’t scare her off.

            She insisted on cleaning the dishes and he stood at the kitchen counter, watching every nuance of elegant her body as she moved around his kitchen.  She was efficient and a scant few minutes later, she turned to him and smiled.

            He strode to her and grasped her waist before picking her up and placing her on the island.  “Agnes, do you want me enough?” he asked.

            “Enough for what?” she asked.

            “I want to carry you into my bedroom, strip you naked and after making you come with my mouth, I want to bury myself in you until we both lose control.  Do you want me?” he asked.

            “Yes,” she hissed no hesitation this time.

            He lifted her carefully.  “Wrap your legs around me.”

            As she held on to him and drove him crazy when her soft body brushed against his hard one, he kissed her, pulling out a long moan from her.

            Once in the bedroom, he slid her down his body and began to unbutton her blouse but she had other ideas.

Agnes had never been with a man but she read extensively and pleasuring a man was a turn on for her, especially a man as sexy as Greyson.  He had already removed his suit jacket and tie before he cooked their dinner so she had only his dress shirt in the way.  Her fingers deftly opened the buttons before she brushed open his shirt, her fingers grazed his nipples and he groaned.

            “Is it okay if I touch you?” she asked.

            With his teeth gritted, he nodded.  “I don’t know how much I can take.”

            She removed his shirt and rubbed her cheek against his chest as she ran her hands down his hard stomach.  He was so sexy that just touching him made her panties wet.

            She moved her hands to his pants and slowly unbuttoned them before sliding the zipper down and noticed his hands were clenched by his side.  She hooked her fingers in the waistband of his pants and boxers and removed them when she sank to her knees.  He stepped out of them and kicked them away while she was staring at his large, pulsing erection.  There was a small amount of liquid on the tip and her tongue darted out, tasting him for the first time.  His taste made her moan.

            He hissed but stood as still as a statue, his head thrown back and the muscles standing out on his arms and legs.

            She cupped his large erection and licked, from the base to the tip, feeling silky skin over thick steel.  She opened her mouth and took him completely inside, using a slight suction as her tongue caressed the underside of his erection.  She loved how he tasted, how his cock jumped in her mouth at the pleasure she was giving him and that sent pleasure pulses throughout her entire body.

            “Agnes, oh fuck, that feels so good baby but I want to be inside of you,” he growled.

            While she continued working her mouth on him, she shook her head once and used her right hand to play with him underneath, using her fingernail to tease the base of his erection.  Her teasing and the suction from her mouth caused him to erupt with a loud roar.  He tasted wonderful and she continued to suck, drawing out all of the pleasure he had to give her.

            She was shocked when he reached down to pick her up, throwing her down on the bed before following her down until he trapped her on the bed with his body.  She could feel him shaking and the muscles in his arms bunched and she wondered if she should have stopped when he’d asked.

            “Are you okay?” she asked.

            He dropped down on top of her and kissed her breathless.  She wrapped her arms and legs around him and pulled him closer to her.

            He raised his head and looked into her eyes.  She felt hot, wanting him to be inside of her.  “Please, Greyson,” she begged.

            “What do you need?” he asked.

            His voice was so deep that the vibration caused her to shiver and made her even wetter.

            “I need you inside of me.  I’m on the pill but it’s your choice,” she said.  She didn’t care as long as he was inside of her.

            “Fuck,” he growled before he started undressing her.  He managed to get most of her clothes off without tearing anything but when he saw her sexy lace panties, his breath caught in his throat for a split second before he ripped them off of her body.

            “I need you wet,” he said as he tried to make his way down her body.

            She shook her head.  “I’m already wet and I need you inside of me now.”

            His fingers trailed down her body, leaving shivers in his wake, before he reached her core and gently ran his fingers up and down.  She sucked in a breath and her muscles clenched as he probed, first with one finger.  It slid in easily before he added another finger, moving in and out, deeper into her.

            “You’re so tight,” he growled.  “So wet, I don’t know if I’ll survive this.”

            “Oh, Greyson,” she moaned.

            He removed his fingers, taking time to lick her essence off of his fingers before he kissed her, positioning himself above her.

            “Finally,” she breathed.

            He laughed as he lowered his hips, the tip of his erection touching her lips causing her to moan.  “I don’t want to hurt you.”

            “You won’t,” she moaned.

            He entered her slowly, inch by inch, until her patience ran out and she placed her heels on his back and squeezed.  He impaled her but she felt nothing but a hot rush, a gripping pulse run through her body.

            “Oh, oh, you feel so…good.  So good,” she moaned and her head dropped back at the sensation.

            His eyes were wide as he looked down at her, paralyzed.  She strained her hips towards his but he was immobile.

            “I need you to move,” she demanded.

            “Did I hurt you?” he asked.

            “No, no I just feel so…full.”

            Her words caused a growl to erupt from his chest as he lowered his body on his bent elbows and kissed her before raising his hips and plunging into her.

            If this was sex, she loved it but she knew it would only be this way with Greyson and as he continually brought her to the brink of an orgasm, a small part of her reasoned that she should enjoy this while she had the chance.  She put everything into the next kiss and wrapped her legs around his waist as she lifted her hips into his pounding.

            She felt her muscles start to tense around him, squeezing him harder with each stroke and she ripped her mouth from his to throw her head back.

            “Oh, yes, I’m…”

            The words were cut off when her orgasm hit her hard and he held her tight as he extended her orgasm by pumping into her harder and harder.

            “You’re so tight,” he said, his teeth gritted.  “I’m coming inside of you, now,” he groaned.

            His hands shot underneath her hips and he pulled her closer into him as he thrust twice more before keeping her hips flush against his, releasing deep inside of her.  The feeling of him expanding inside of her triggered another orgasm and she screamed his name, her arms still wrapped around his shoulders.

            Their breaths were still ragged as he rolled to his side and he wrapped his arms around her and gathered her close.

            As her body cooled, her mind started working, realizing that they really didn’t know each other and after one car ride, she’d already hopped into bed with him.  He can’t really mean to have a relationship with me.

            After several minutes of debating whether she should leave, she turned to face him to find his eyes closed and he was breathing deeply.  She took a moment and memorized his features; his beautiful bowed mouth, his long lashes and straight nose.  His dark hair was now messy making him even more ruggedly handsome.  She sighed before she slowly slid out of his arms and got out of bed.  She wondered where she might have left her clothes when she felt his arms wrap around her waist and pulled her back into bed with him.

            She squealed indelicately as she fell onto his hard body.  He easily flipped her over onto her back and pinned her body to the bed.

Greyson had been so comfortable having Agnes in his arms and so worn out from making love to her that he’d fallen asleep and she’d almost escaped.  His heart seized when he saw her standing next to the bed, looking for her clothes.

            “Where are you going?” he demanded.

            “Um, I thought…I really have no idea.  Should I go?” she asked.

            “No,” he choked out.  His heart leapt into his throat at the thought of her leaving and he pressed a small kiss to her lips.  “You can’t go now.”  He knew he sounded panicked but he couldn’t help it.

            Her eyes darted to his and she sucked in a breath.

            “I didn’t want to stay and have it be awkward for you if I was still here when you woke up.  I won’t cling to you, I promise.  You don’t have to worry.”

            Oh, hell, she thought the he just wanted her in bed and he’d dump her afterward.  He closed his eyes as the realization hit him, he wanted his future to include her; in his bed, sharing her life with him.

            “I want you, Agnes,” he said with total clarity.

            She paused before she looked down, confusion evident on her face.

            “You can have me whenever you want,” she said and blushed.

            “I’ve thought about you and nothing else since you came to work in the building.  I wanted to talk to you, hold you, find out every secret you have.  I wanted you to share things with me that you’ve never shared with anyone else,” he said.

            “That sounds…serious,” she said.

            “I am.  I want you to spend the weekend with me.  We can go to your place for some clothes but we can come back here and get to know each other, I can feed you and we can make love, anything but I don’t want to let you go,” he said.

            “You want to spend the weekend with me?” she asked.

            “To be totally honest, I want more than that.  I want you to live with me.  Sometime in the near future, I want you to marry me,” he said.

            “You don’t know anything about me and you’ll get sick of me.  I won’t hold you to anything your say now,” she protested.

            “No, I won’t.  I think we’ve gotten to know each other well and we’ll get to know each other more until you realize that you’re perfect for me.  Just stay with me and we’ll take it slowly if you want but know that I will always want you,” he said.

In the past month, Greyson had worked from home more often than he’d gone into the office, all because of his obsession with Agnes.  She had been living with him since the day he’d practically kidnapped her from work the Friday night they’d made love.  Each week, he had to convince her to stay longer until they had moved all of her clothes, her personal items into his house and he paid the fee to break her lease, despite her protests.  He’d initiated all these things so she would stay with him until she agreed to marry him.

            He learned how warm she was but also generous with her time, with her body, hell, everything.  She had let down her walls and he’d really gotten to know her and loved everything about her.  He knew that she talked in her sleep, mainly about him and she always sought to touch him, even while she was asleep.  He knew that she had total concentration with everything she tackled, including work and trying to find ways to please him in bed.  She had touched or kissed every part of him and she still loved exploring him and each time they made love, he craved the next time he could touch her.

            He had fallen in love with her.

            He had convinced her to work for him and his many other companies, designing and maintaining their sites, as well as referrals from several of his clients.  She had refused to take the salary he wanted to give her but instead kept her old salary and she worked from home, a stipulation of his hiring her.  She didn’t want him to know, but he found out she was working for her old company, finishing up her projects before she officially quit but she insisted that they not pay her.

            He loved watching her work, with total concentration.  Her small fingers would fly on her keyboard and his mind would instantly fantasize about those talented fingers on him.  He’d interrupted her several times a day in order to carry her into the bedroom and make love to her until they were both breathless and spent but he continued wanting more each time.

            He was obsessed with her and he loved every minute that he spent with her.  She cooked for him, took care of him and had even gone out of her way to buy him things that he might need.  She would always do things like replace his frayed ties and worn dress shirts among little things that would show him how much she loved him.

            The one thing that irritated him was that she refused to accept gifts from him, even if he snuck it in the house, she would always know and tell him to return whatever he’d bought for her.   He wanted to spoil her but she was making it difficult.

            The day after he’d asked her to spend the weekend with him, he’d bought an engagement ring online and it had arrived soon after.  He kept it close, needing the right time to ask her but now, he needed her in a way he couldn’t explain and he wanted her as his wife.  This was a present that he hoped she wouldn’t refuse.

            After checking to see if the ring was securely in the box, he found her in her office, typing away but she glanced up when he walked in the room.  She smiled at him before she rose from her chair and jumped into his arms.  He loved all her enthusiastic greetings.   He kissed her and she melted into his arms, kissing him back.

            “Greyson,” she moaned.

            He knew her so well, every nuance of her moan and of her voice and he knew that she wanted to make love to him but he needed her to agree to marry him, and soon.

            He pulled away from the kiss and put her on her feet before grabbing her hand and walking toward the couch in the living room.

            “We need to talk,” he said gruffly.

            She stopped walking and the movement ripped her hand from his.  He turned around and saw that her face was pinched in pain.

            “Are you…breaking up with me?” she asked.

            He stood for a moment, speechless, as she started backing away from him.  His heart sped up at her retreat but when he saw the tears in her eyes, his breath caught and he was frozen to the spot.

            “I have to go.  I’ll call your office to make an appointment to get my things out of your house.  I’ll just go now,” she said as she turned and calmly walked towards the front door.  Half way to the front door, he could see her shoulders start to shake with silent sobs and that jerked him out of his shock.

            Without saying a word, he caught up to her in several short strides and wrapped his arms around her.  He picked her up and walked to the bedroom before laying her down on the bed.  When he settled himself on top of her, her eyes were closed but there were still tears cascading down her cheeks.

            “Agnes, why do you think that I’m breaking up with you?” he asked.

            “You’re perfect, Greyson.  Handsome, intelligent, just perfect and I knew that some time you would wake up and realize that I’m not the woman for you,” she said.

            He kissed her tears away before sealing his mouth to hers, kissing her breathless.

            “You are the perfect woman for me and I can’t let you go.  I wanted to talk to you because I want you to marry me.   I was going to ask you today because I can’t spend one more minute without telling you that I love you.  I love you, Agnes, and I want you to be my wife.  I can’t let you go,” he choked.

            Her breath caught as she looked at him.  Her fingers brush his lips as she stared at him in awe.

            “You want to marry me?” she asked, unbelieving.

            He kissed her again, unable to stop touching her.

            “Yes.  I want to be tied to you in every way.  I love working at home with you, I love being able to touch you, to hold you, to kiss you whenever I want to.  You drive me crazy not accepting my gifts but you have my heart because of who you are.  I love you,” he growled.

            “I love you, Greyson, so much.   I just never thought…” she said.

            “I fell in love with you the first day you walked into the building and I saw you smile.  I will love you every day for the rest of my life.  Will you marry me?” he asked.

            She cupped his cheek before lightly kissing his lips.

            “Yes, I would love to marry you,” she whispered.

            He closed his eyes.  “Thank God.”

            He put the ring on her finger and he kissed it before looking up.  He noticed that she didn’t look at the ring instead her eyes were fixed on his face.

            “Are you sure?” she asked.

            He didn’t answer, instead he slowly seduced her.  He kissed every inch of her body and when she wanted to touch him he laid back and let her to whatever she wanted to him.  He slowly made love to her, looking into her eyes to show her how much he loved her, and when she came apart in his arms screaming his name, he followed her off the edge with her name on his lips.

            “I will always love you and we’ll always set fires like this.  I’ll try every day to make you the happiest woman in the world,” he promised.

            “You already do, Greyson, by loving me.  I love you, more than my own life,” she whispered.

            “We’re going to get married soon, tonight.  We’ll fly to Vegas.  I just want you to be mine from here on out,” he said.

            “I will always be yours,” she promised.




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