Writing Prompt and Short Story – June 25th, 2017

Writing Prompt and Short Story

The other day, I was participating in a blog hop, and the topic was about my favorite reads.  If you’ve dropped by my blog, you’ve noticed that on some Sundays, I share with you my favorite reads and my reviews, hoping to give you insight on why I liked the book so much and why I would recommend them.  But the favorite reads had me thinking about how my tastes have changed over time, and I received many comments about how other readers find themselves in a similar situation.  What they had loved even a year ago, or ten years ago, doesn’t appeal to them now.

And the main reason that our tastes change is that we ourselves change.  Our every day experiences, who we interact with in our daily lives, what we like to watch on TV, the movies and books that we watch and read, all of this combines to change us in ways we don’t recognize.  Despite the fact that no one likes change, I certainly don’t, we all find ourselves evolving by influences we experience every day.

It is the same with writing.  What we experience (see, hear, feel, taste, and smell) changes how we perceive things and that will always influence our writing.  When I first started, I concentrated on writing contemporary romances between a man and a woman.  I moved on to paranormal romances with a different set of rules for my characters that stray from “conventional” norms.  I am working on the third book of the series, and I can tell you that Xander is much different than Kai or Reaper or Seth.

While ideas come to you at any time, I believe that when the time is right and you have a beginning, middle, and end of a story, then you need to write it.  Sometimes it takes years to develop a story from idea to complete novel, but it will happen if you nurture that idea

In all honesty, Kai and Reaper were easy to write.  I loved the characters and I knew exactly where I wanted to go with the stories to make that what they became.  With Xander, it was a lot harder.  I understood the ins and outs of the character I developed throughout the other books, but when it came time to finding his mate and telling his story, I was at a loss.

Fortunately, time and experience gave me the insight of where I wanted to take his story.  While I still struggle with Xander’s story (some books are easy to write and some, from start to finish, are a bit of a pain), I am making my way through it and letting instinct and the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my life guide me.

I wanted to share one of my old short stories with you from several years ago when I first got started writing.

Happy Reading!!

© 2017 Valerie Ullmer

“It looks like you’re in trouble there.  Can I help?” came a gravelly voice from her right.

            She looked up to spot a very tall, very muscular man standing next to her car, watching her change her tire.  “No, thanks, I have two more lug nuts to attach and I’m done but thank you for your offer.”

            It had been a trying day for Zoe Reed.  First she had lost a contract because her client had been an ass and wanted her to sleep with him.  When she refused, he hired another interior designer who would.  Then when she got home she realized that she hadn’t been shopping in over a week and having just remedied that had left her with a car full of groceries and her on the side of her car changing her tire.

            She finished with the tire and opened the back of the trunk to throw the tire iron in the back and turned only to run into the man who’d offered her help.  He reached out and steadied her but all he accomplished was to send shiver of heat through her body at his touch.  “Excuse me, I didn’t see you there.”

            She took a giant step back.  She’d never in all of her twenty-nine years felt the instant need for a man before, but as she perused his muscular, tattooed body fitted in a tight tee and jeans, she wanted to rub against him again.  She shook her head to distill her lustful thoughts and stepped back one more time.  She stared at the intricate designs etched on his skin below his shirt sleeves and around his neck, they were beautiful.

            “Are you scared of me?” he asked.

            Her head shot up and she shook her head adamantly.

            “No, I’m not scared of you.  Really, far from it and I apologize for staring at you.  Thanks for your offer to help,” she said and moved toward her door.

            “If not scared then what?” he asked.

            She knew that he wouldn’t let the subject drop so she admitted the truth.

            “When you touched me I felt instant attraction but you are a very handsome man so I thought I would cut my losses and just leave.  I have to go,” she said as she opened her door but before she could step in he stopped her.

            He wrapped her into his arms and pulled her towards his chest before shutting her door.  He leaned her back against her car and kissed her.  The first touch of his lips felt like heaven and she moaned before pulling him closer.  She needed to feel his hard body against hers but he lifted his head before she embarrassed herself.

            “Oh, um…yeah,” she stopped talking and rushed into her car and started it.  He tapped on her window and she rolled down her window.

            “Hand me your cell,” he said.

            She did as he requested and he punched his number in her phone before calling his cell to get her number.

            “How about dinner tomorrow?” he asked.

            “Want to come over and I’ll cook for you?” she asked.

            “That’s a better idea, text me the details,” he said and dropped down to look her in the eye.  He grabbed her chin and placed a soft kiss on her mouth before he stood.

            She noticed he was in the same spot when she turned the corner a block away and her body shivered at the thought of having him over tomorrow.

Damien Courtney was never on time for a date but tonight, for Zoe, he was.  He actually wanted to spend the day with her but he’d settled for dinner.  He knocked and she answered immediately.  He wasn’t the only one that was anxious.

            “Hi Damien, come on in,” she said as she opened the door further, allowing him to brush past her and when he did, she shivered.

             He smiled and accepted the bottle of beer that she handed him.  She was a very beautiful woman with dark brown hair cascading down her back.  She had beautiful blue eyes and he loved that she was smaller than his six three by at least a foot.  He’d never found a woman so attractive so quickly before.

            He knew how to pleasure a woman without getting emotionally involved but he’d never felt a strong need to protect a woman before, not until he’d spotted her in the parking lot changing her own tire.  Lust and something more hit him with such force that his breathing sped up and he walked to her without conscience thought.  He wanted to save her, to be her hero but instead, she’d fixed it herself and left too soon.  His only hope was the invitation to dinner.

            He pulled her closer for a kiss, just a light kiss, but he soon had her trapped against the kitchen counter and plundered her mouth.  She tasted sweet like strawberries and he couldn’t get enough of her.  Once she moaned, he grew hard and picked her up to wrap her legs around his waist and he drove his hips forward.

            “Oh, yes,” she moaned as she pulled him tighter to her.

            “I’ve never wanted a woman more than I want you,” he admitted.

            She pulled back to look him in the eye.  “I want you, too,” she said.

            “Now?” he asked but it sounded more like begging.  Shit, he didn’t care.  He needed to be inside her, feeling her squeezing him to completion before he started all over again.

            “Yes,” she hissed.

            He picked her up and she pointed to the bedroom.

            “This is crazy but you’re so damn sexy, I need you inside me more than I need my next breath,” she said.

            The only response he could force out of his throat was to growl.

            They stripped their clothing in record time and came together without any barrier in the way.  He kissed her again, needing to feed off of her mouth as he marched them both back to the bed.  He loved the way she felt in his arms but he almost lost it when her small hands started tracing his tattoos across his chest.  When she touched his stomach, he growled into her mouth and laid her gently on the bed.

            “Fuck me, Damien,” she said breathlessly.

            “You’re going to kill me,” he said.

He flicked his thumb over her clit and she threw her head back and moaned so loud it reverberated within his body and he grew harder.  He moved his fingers lower and found her wet, ready for him.

            “Now,” she begged.

            Without a word, he grasped her hips and used his knee to open her up to him.  He kissed her as he lowered himself down on her, inch by inch.  He teased her with the head of his cock and she growled in frustration.

            The next moment, he was lying on his back and she was climbing on top of him.  She grabbed his cock and he was mesmerized as she moved her small hand up and down and before he could beg, she positioned herself over him and without any hesitation, she impaled herself on his cock and they both moaned.

            “Oh, fuck, you feel so good,” he groaned.

            “So do you, I feel so…full,” she moaned as she started slowly moving up and down.

            He was speechless as she mastered his body so quickly.  When she reached behind her to play with his balls, he lost what control he hand and his hips thrust into her hard as he came.

            His release triggered hers.  She rolled her hips one last time and squeezed him hard, moaning his name as she lost control.  She collapsed on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her, feeling oddly protective of her, hell possessive of her.

            He was still hard and once she caught her breath, she moved her hips on his, teasing him again.

            He flipped her onto her back and hovered over her.  Again, she traced her fingers over his tattoos but also his muscles that were bunched on his arms and his abs, causing him to shiver and grow harder inside of her.

            “I’ve never had an orgasm during sex before,” she whispered.

            “Please don’t talk about other men right now, I’m having trouble not thinking of you as mine and the thought of another man touching you makes me murderous,” he growled.

            “I’m yours?” she asked.

            Without answering her, he grabbed her wrists in his left hand and pinned them over her head before he lowered his head and sucked on her nipples, giving them both equal attention.  She hissed out a breath and lifted her hips into his, driving him further inside of her.

            “Please, move,” she begged.

            His hips rose slowly before he plunged into her, causing a low moan to leave her throat and the sound sent a vibration through his body.  He released her hands and drove his hands underneath her ass and losing all his control, he pulled her to him as his hips drove down, over and over until he released again inside of her with a roar.

            She was with him the entire way and grasped his cock with her tight muscles as he emptied himself inside of her.

            He rolled to his side and reached out to grasp her waist and pulled her back flush to his chest.  She was breathing heavily as he moved her hair away from her neck and nuzzled.

            “Yes, you’re mine and I don’t think I can ever let you go,” he said.

            She turned in his arms and kissed him gently.

            “You’re really not scared of me?” he asked.

            “No.  When I saw you I wanted you so badly my body started to shiver because I had to hold back from touching you.  I’m addicted to you and I want to know everything there is to know, whatever you want to share.  Is it always this way for you and the women you’re with?” she asked.

            “Hell no, it’s never been like this for me.  I feel obsessed with you, like I never want you out of my sight,” he said.

            He kissed her again but she gasped.

“I forgot about dinner,” she said as she hopped out of bed and snatched her robe from her door before striding toward the kitchen.

            He felt her absence immediately and pulled on his boxer briefs before going to find her.  Shit, he was in trouble.

He’d never once felt anything remotely close to his obsession with any woman.  Even though he told himself that this relationship was new and he couldn’t be falling for her, he was lying to himself.  He realized that he was in love with her.  Everything inside of him told him that she was the one.

            She rounded the corner before he could reach the kitchen and he opened his arms just as she jumped into them.  She kissed him roundly and they both moaned at the contact, and it felt as if they couldn’t stand to be away from each other for even a minute.

            He carried her back to bed but she slid down his body and out of his reach.  A growl of protest rose from his chest at her withdrawal but when she disrobed and crawled up on the bed, on her hands and knees, the growl turned into a moan.  The sight made him want to howl and his knees felt weak.

            “Damien, I need you inside me,” she begged.

            He stripped and crawled up behind her, splaying his large hands on her back, rubbing her everywhere before he settled them on her hips.  His fingers dug in as he positioned himself near her core and he thrust forward, feeling her warm heat envelop him.  She was heaven.

Zoe had never liked sex, the one-time was a disaster and she cried afterward.  Damien had brought out a desire that she long thought dead.  She felt totally wanton, like she was a sexy siren and she couldn’t get enough of him.  She loved touching him, feeling him lose control as he drove into her but she knew that she loved him, all of him.

He was gentle, caring and he made her feel like a she was the only woman in the world.  She knew it could only be one sided; a man like Damien never had long term relationship with a woman like her, someone who was just too plain, too short, and slightly too rounded but if he wanted her body for even a short period of time, she wasn’t going to complain.

            She moaned as he drove into her, loving his large hands that were gripping her waist tighter and tighter and he drove in harder and harder.

            “Yes, harder,” she moaned.

            He draped himself over her and she felt his teeth on her shoulder, marking her as his.  If only wishing made it true.

            He plunged harder into her, using his hands to bring her harder against him and soon they both found their release together.

            She crawled forward and closed her eyes as soon as her head hit the pillow.  He’d exhausted her.  She felt him lay down next to her and he pulled her onto his chest. She had just enough energy to caress his chest with her fingers.

A sudden pain shot through her chest at the thought of losing this wonderful man.  She knew it was too good to be true because Damien was perfection and probably not meant for her but she pushed away her doubts, determined that she would enjoy her time with him for as long as he wanted her and deal with the pain that would come later.

Damien had been living with Zoe for the past two months, falling in love with her more and more every day.  Today was the day he would finally ask her to be his wife.

            He’d never thought he would ever get married but once he met Zoe, he wanted to have his ring on her finger, to show everyone that this wonderful, beautiful woman was his.

            She’d quickly become his obsession on the first day he’d made love to her and he felt humbled that this woman would come to care for him and now he needed to know if she loved him enough to share her future with him.

            He opened the door and she dropped the spoon she had in her hand and ran into his arms.

            “Are you okay?  You’re home early,” she said as he picked her up and hugged her to his chest.  His eyes closed and his heart seemed to beat out of his chest.  Her concern for him had almost weakened his knees.

            “I’m fine.  I just wanted to see you,” he said.

            She hopped down and smiled at him.  She kissed him deeply, dragging a deep moan from his chest.

            “Come into the living room, I want to talk to you about something,” he said.  He grasped her hand in his and walked to the couch.  She sat stiffly by him for a moment before she sprang to her feet and started pacing.

            “Um, I don’t know if I can handle this right now.  If you’re breaking up with me can you just get it over with,” she said as her voice cracked.

            He looked at her with stunned silence.  How could she think that?

            “Zoe, no, sweetheart, no,” he said as he wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her down to sit on his lap.  He kissed her then and when she relaxed into his arms, he pulled out the ring.

            “I want to marry you.  I can’t let you go, ever, you’re mine,” he growled as he kissed her again.

            He would never tire of touching her, of wanting her with a need so powerful it sometimes scared the shit out of him but he knew he would love her for the rest of their lives.

            She started to cry and hugged him tighter.

“I would love to marry you, Damien.  I can’t live without you, you’re my world,” her voice broke and she kissed him.

            He slipped the ring on her finger.  “You sure you don’t have a problem married to a six and a half foot tall tattooed beast?” he asked.

            She gasped and pulled back to look at his face.

“First of all, I love you, everything about you.  There is nothing in this world that would make me stop.  I find you sexy as hell and I love how you can pick me up and hold me to your chest.  Your tattoos turn me on, I’m wet every time you take of your shirt and I can see the ink on your chest and arms.  Hell, every time you look at me, I’m wet and I want you more every day.  If you can be happy married to someone as plain as me then I would love to be your wife,” she said.

            He grasped her chin.  “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on and I love you, too,” he took a deep breath.  “Say it again,” he demanded.

            “I love you, Damien, more than my own life,” she said simply.

            “I love you too, Zoe,” he growled.

            He slipped the ring on her finger and pulled her in for another kiss.

            “We’re going to get married tomorrow.  We’ll fly to Vegas and we’ll be married by tomorrow night,” he said.

            She looked up at him.  “That sounds wonderful and I love you.”

            His heart constricted in his chest.  “I love you.”




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