Author Interview and Book Spotlight with Mary Marvella (M.M. Mayfield)

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Interview with Mary Marvella

When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer?

Good question, Valerie!   After I retired I decided to write the stories I had been making up for my daughter and the stories I had heard since childhood. The memoirs didn’t give me the satisfaction I wanted so I started writing my dreams.


How many books have you written?

I have written 12 novels and 5 novellas. Of those 12 novels I published 6 of them. Of the 6 novellas I published 3. I have starts on more novels and novellas. I have also published short stories in 7 anthologies.


 How long does it usually take you to write a book?

That depends! I wrote one novel in 2 months and others in approximately 4 months. My most recent one is taking forever since I now edit for other authors and have little time to write. It is also miles from my comfort zone!


 How did you come up with the idea for your book?

Ideas float around in the air and grab me in my sleep. I’m not kidding! Characters grab me and insist I tell their stories! I usually start with a character and a what if.  The book I will tell you about today is an anthology of novellas about cowboys. One of my three friends who planned to head to Dallas last year for a conference suggested we write a book to take with us. So, we did! I grabbed a secondary character from two of my novels and gave her a cowboy!


When you develop characters do you already know who they are before you begin writing or do you let them develop as you go? 

The characters come to me as developed people with a few secrets they share as they uncover them! They are not based on any people I know. My characters would find that insulting. The stories unfold as I go along. I do have an idea what I want to happen in the end.

I don’t set page goals, but I do like to finish a scene in one sitting. I don’t have a schedule or a time or special place. I sit in a rocking chair I brought from Mama’s house.

After submitting stories and getting rejections I decided to follow the advice of a multi-published author, I self published some of my books. I won’t repeat the words I used, but I will say Mama would have washed my mouth out with soap if she heard them, once she got over the shock that I said them.

I have prepared webinars on self-editing by MaryMarvellaEdits

My current novellas are so hot I couldn’t publish them as Mary Marvella. She writes hot but not as hot as M. M. Mayfield.


The Cowboys of Clark’s Folly

M. Mayfield & 3 others

Welcome to Clark’s Folly, Texas, a town where you will find cowboys to lust over. Each of the four novellas will make you fall in love. The cowboys are tough, but so are the women who tame them. If you love Cowboys, you don’t want to miss these sexy, sensual stories. Take a fantasy trip to Texas and find the cowboy of your dreams.


Excerpt from Esther’s Cowboy

When the Mustang turned onto Hwy78 she felt like she was at home in Georgia. Farmland stretched as far she could see. Horses grazed in some fields and cattle in others.  With little traffic on the highway she opened the throttle on her badass car. Years ago she’d have rolled the windows down and let the wind blow her long hair. Not anymore. Feeling the wind in her hair worked best when she rode a real Mustang, the four legged kind. That thought made her grin. Or maybe a two-legged one. Her grin wavered when she caught the image of a vehicle gaining on her from behind.  Who was crazy enough to try to catch a car doing ninety on a two-lane highway? OOPS! She’d have slowed down, but who knew what kind of lunatic or country boy would push the limit by so much? Had she passed him on the road and not noticed? The driver could be a woman. Maybe a man had seen her pass him on this quiet stretch of road and come after her. Or maybe a kid wanted to race.

Since she had no idea which possibility might be true this time she grabbed the pistol covered by her jacket in the passenger seat and tossed her purse to the floor. Her pepper spray hung from her key in the ignition. Fields flew past as she pushed the pedal to the floor, yet the car behind her loomed in her rearview mirror. Shit! The asshole behind her was gonna run her Mustang down in a Mustang. Glancing to both sides of the road, she considered the possibility of heading off road if he got any closer. One more glance in the rearview mirror made her want to puke. Blue light flashed through the windshield. A cop car Mustang?  No damned way! No damned fair!

What the hell excuse could she give for driving past 100 miles an hour? She eased her foot from the accelerator and the lights behind her seemed to give her more space. Seeing a “city limits” sign behind her eased her mind, so she slowed to a normal speed. Cop Mustang still dogged her bumper. When she spotted a gas station she pulled into the parking lot. Making sure she had covered her gun again, she adjusted her shirt to expose more cleavage. She wasn’t proud of the move, but she needed all the help she could get today.

Watching in her side mirror, she caught the slow exit behind the driver door of the vehicle behind her. The man emerging looked like he could make any woman confess to crimes she hadn’t even committed. Long limbed and broad shouldered, he approached her car as he might approach a skittish horse. He wore western boots. His rolling walk was a dead giveaway. He had surely run her tag by now. Something about his familiar swagger tugged at her womb. She closed her eyes for a second and prayed she didn’t know this cop. By the time he stood beside her door she shook her head.

She has seen this man naked, so she knew about the energy barely contained by his uniform. For a crazy second she considered offering him sex if he didn’t write a ticket, even a blowjob. It wouldn’t be the first one she’d given him. She shook her head to clear that naughty thought and lowered her window.


Write Dirty to Me

M.M. Mayfield


Julie, a college English professor, writes erotica novels she can’t claim without putting her job in jeopardy. Gray, a retired military officer, has become a New Times best selling author of military action-adventure thrillers. When they meet at their twenty-fifth high school reunion the raging hormones they didn’t feel at seventeen explode and she feels things she only wrote about before Gray. He wants to see her again, so he arranges a book signing in the town where she teachers. He even gets an offer to teach a course at her university. She had proposed that course because she wanted to teach it. Gray makes Julie want to be one of her adventurous heroines. What will happen when she learns he’s a successful author? What will happen when he learns she writes erotica?



Soon she was dancing with a thin, slightly balding man named Gene and trying to make small talk. He informed her they’d taken the same math and science classes. They were laughing about an incident she’d long forgotten when talking around them seemed oddly quiet. She looked around at the dancers, most of whom had stopped dancing and turned toward the door.

At the top of the steps leading down into the ballroom stood a tall, gorgeous man she didn’t recognize. She hadn’t readily recognized many faces in the room.

The civilized dark suit and tie did nothing to disguise the aura of danger and power emanating from the stranger’s stance. He looked like a man who took charge without a thought. He could have been 007. The startling white of his shirt contrasted with his tanned skin. The best-looking man here, he must be in the wrong place!

While he surveyed the slowly moving people who stared in his direction, he pushed one side of his jacket back as he placed his right hand into his trouser pocket. That confident stance left no doubt the man was in prime shape. He’d make a perfect model for her book covers. At that thought Julie’s imagination put his handsome face on a nude hunk. She had to pinch her arm to make that image go away. She had seen too many romance and erotic novel book covers.

Sliver strands mingled in his black hair, giving him an aura of maturity. His sea green eyes seemed familiar. The chiseled planes of his face were not.

Murmurs accompanied his descent to the area near the bar. Though some dancers resumed dancing, all attention still focused on the stranger who made her struggle to breathe normally. God, the man made her want to stride over and grab him and drag him into a corner and rip his clothes off. Maybe she needed to take some time off from writing her erotic romances as Princess Marla.


Forever Love

Only $0.99

Mary Marvella


Nurse Sabrina Boyd’s life was just fine before Dr. Joe Walker, her cousin’s widower, returned home to South Georgia. Avoiding the handsome doctor who wants a romantic relationship with her isn’t her biggest problem. She has seen the Demon Cat, a harbinger of death for the Boyd family for centuries. Now she’s obsessed with finding and saving the person the cat wants, and she’s immersed in old journals about ill-fated lovers.

Joe wants to teach her about steamy sex and the cat .. what does the cat really want?

About Mary

I started writing fiction in 1988 when I retired from teaching. But I starting making up stories about the time I learned to talk. That might be an exaggeration, but I did sing to my baby sister and tell her stories when I was 4. She was too young to understand but she stopped crying, so I guess I did okay. (Mama told me that I did that when we rode the bus to town, entertaining the other passengers.)

Once I learned to read, all bets were off! When I wasn’t climbing trees or playing on the monkey bars at the park I was reading! Of course I had friends and a younger brother and sister to watch, but books and I bonded! I read cereal boxes and the Sunday funny papers.  Sometimes I read them to the younger kids and even read them more than once. That was about the time I started making up what would happen next stories.

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