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Let me try to beguile you. I could start with a trio of sexy, steamy, fun books. I could add a touch of suspense, a modicum of glamour and a lot of romance. Would that do the trick? What if I made one of them free and told you a trick for getting another for a deeply discounted price?

Ah, now I have your attention. This weekend only, August 24-26, Beholden, book 2 of the Beguiling Bachelor Series, is free on Amazon. That’s right, completely, totally free. And if you pre-order Sultry Nights, a limited time collection, you can get book 3 Bedeviled, for only 99 cents – way less than a cup of coffee for two romances.

Just think of it – curling up in bed with a hot hunky millionaire, watching him struggle to win the heart of a sassy lass. Imagine luxurious accommodations and wandering the excess and glamour of Chicago’s elite world.

Now’s your chance!


She’s Lost Everything. He Has Everything…
Sloane Huyler is approaching 30 with the world at her feet – filthy rich, stunningly beautiful, engaged to Chicago’s most eligible bachelor. Then scandal rocks her family and she loses everything – including her reputation. When no one is willing to be seen with her, self assured, sexy Randall Parker seizes the moment.
Millionaire Randall Parker III, stepped aside years earlier and relinquished Sloane to his best friend. Well aware that the brash beauty is a handful, he knows what he wants – a handful of her. His friends warn him off, but Randall is confident he can manage Sloane’s high and mighty ways. Using his power and influence to salvage her reputation, Randall sets out to lure Sloane straight into his arms – and right into his bed.
When Randall throws his money and his weight behind resurrecting Sloane, sparks fly. The pair have an undeniable attraction, but has Randall misjudged Sloane? Will the icy beauty cool their fiery passion when she learns she is Beholden…
 This is no wimpy heroine. Meet Sloane, prickly and tough, desperate for love. Meet Randall, drowning his troubles until Sloane gives him a reason to sober up and fall in love. Beholden is a sexy, romantic romp set in the glamour of Chicago’s elite society.



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She was thinking all of this as she prepared to put on a brave face and launch into her routine yet again. Then she looked into Randall’s eyes. She knew he saw through the façade. He was looking at her openly, trustingly. It was the look she had hoped to see from friends but that had been sadly missing from all around her. Sloane crumpled under it.

“C’mon, let’s be honest. My business stinks; my clients are running for the hills. This benefit was about all I had left to keep me busy and sane. And it was my last chance to feel connected to anyone.”

That felt remarkably liberating. I should have just told the truth a long time ago.

“Do you want to talk about it? I am happy to listen, and help if I can. I hope you know that, Sloane.” Randall rested his bear-paw hand on her thigh, letting her know he was there for her.

The touch was electric for Sloane. The heat of his hand, bare skin on nearly bare skin sent warmth through her whole being. Sloane felt power in those long fingers lightly caressing her leg, and a sensuous connection. Tenuous as it was, Sloane wanted the feeling to last. She could think of nothing now but the feel of Randall’s hand on her leg, inching toward the edge of her stocking, moving along her body, doing amazing things to her.

He asked you a question, or something. No, he offered compassion. Wonderful, welcome compassion.

Trying to regain her composure and clear her mind of its sexual meanderings, Sloane nodded rather than reply. After a silent moment, she was about to answer but the servers arrived just then with their dessert selections. Four tempting confections of chocolate or berries and flakey pastries were placed – just so – before them on the table. Sloane thought they looked too beautiful to eat, but Randall dug into each with gusto. He left his hand on her thigh, unconsciously, although Sloane was conscious of nothing else.

“Where do you put all that food?” Sloane was honestly curious, but also needed to keep the conversation going, keep her mind off the feel of Randall’s fingers skimming her thigh.

“Dunno,” Randall replied around a mouthful of flourless chocolate cake with a delicate raspberry coulis. “Hockey maybe?” he continued once he had swallowed.

He pushed her plate of sweets closer to the edge of the table in front of Sloane, encouraging her to taste the delights. She took a dainty bite of each then reluctantly placed her fork on the plate. She loved sweets, but years of hearing her mother say “you can never be too thin or too rich” had taught her to be content with just a bite. She took a last, longing look at the four choices before pushing the plate away from her.

“Go with the chocolate mousse thing,” Randall suggested offhandedly.

“I was thinking the berries and meringue made the prettiest option.”

“You don’t eat it cause it’s pretty, you eat it cause it tastes good. Go with the chocolate,” Randall countered giving her leg a gentle squeeze as he slid his hand higher on her thigh. “Everyone likes chocolate, sinful, milky chocolate.” His voice was a low rumble, warm and inviting.

Is he talking about the dessert, or did we just change topics? And when did it get so damn hot in here?



With Deceit on Both Sides, is their Love Bedeviled?
Charlotte Roche escaped dangers lurking in Boston by accepting a job in Chicago. A new name, a new beginning – all built on lies. Thinking she is safe, Charlotte drops her guard and sets her sights on her elusive, wildly sexy running partner, Alexander Gaines. Can she advance their relationship from the track to the bedroom and still maintain her charade, or will Alex’s probing questions pierce her carefully rehearsed story?
Ruggedly handsome Alex, a successful millionaire with unrevealed secrets of his own, struggles to hold the irresistible Charlotte at arm’s length. But when Charlotte sustains a suspicious injury Alex seizes the opportunity to cuddle up to the sassy beauty. If he let’s her close will she destroy the life he has built? Does he dare risk his reputation, his fortune, his friends, and his heart without knowing the truth?
With exposure imminent, they appeal to their friends for help. Join Alex and Charlotte, along with characters you’ve met and loved in Bedazzled and Beholden, as they tackle the maze of half-truths and cover-ups threatening the lovers.
If you love a suspenseful, steamy romance you will love Bedeviled, the third novel in the Beguiling Bachelor Series.




“Well, goodnight,” Charlotte finally said shyly.

“Good night, Charlotte,” Alex replied. He bent to turn out the bedside lamp, but instead he leaned over her prone body, carefully bracing his hands on either side of her head, and hesitated with his face only inches from hers. She could feel his breath on her skin, warm with the lingering scent of chardonnay.

She locked onto his eyes, marine blue and questioning. He must have gotten the answer he was seeking because his head lowered and she felt the faintest whisper of his lips against hers. It was the softest, swiftest kiss and yet she felt her body respond. He pulled back, again seeking answers, or acquiescence. Her eyes were wide as saucers. He had surprised her with the kiss and her body had surprised her with its swift response. Mesmerized, craving more, she lowered her sooty lashes slowly then opened them again in an age-old sign of invitation. Alex’s eyes blazed.

Lowering his mouth to Charlotte’s, Alex kissed her again but this claiming of her mouth and body was nothing like the previous soft foray. She felt the strong pressure of his lips on hers, the rasp of his tongue demanding her response, probing her to open to him. Heat oozed into her sore muscles turning her body to warm liquid as her heart pounded in her chest. His tongue explored her mouth, capturing hers in a dance suggestive of so much more. She tasted Alex, all dark and mysterious, moist and inviting and gave him what he sought.

“You taste like heaven,” he whispered, moist and intimate in her ear. “I should have done that ages ago. Now, I want to do so much more, Charlotte. So much more.”

“Mm,” she responded, “me too, Alex.”

He dipped his mouth to hers once more and she felt the velvety touch of his lips before he took hers hungrily. Shockwaves of lust rocketed straight to her core. She kissed him back, passionately and completely as his strong lips moved against her softer ones. She felt her body rising up to meet his, felt her mouth insistent for more. She reveled in the taste of him, the feel of his tongue tangling with hers. The more he gave, the more she took and gave in return. Their bodies touched only at their lips but the heat from him was as powerful as if they were naked and glued to each other from head to toe. The man could definitely kiss.

The kiss lasted only a minute, but it changed everything. She could never be the same. Now she knew how he felt, how he tasted. She needed more and he seemed to as well. They had taken the next step and couldn’t take it back. He finally saw her as a woman and Charlotte was heady with power and weak with desire.

A hint of a soft breath moved through her hair. “Sleep now, Charlotte. Get well soon.” He reached and turned off the light, pushed a stray hair away from her face in the dim light from the covered windows and left the room. She watched the shadow of his lean frame backlit from the hall and she wanted him with an overpowering hunger. Then he was gone.

She willed him to come back, lay with her and hold her through the night. She longed for the feel of him beside her, his strength keeping her ghosts at bay. She wanted to wrap herself around him and pull him into her body.

All that from a kiss. Maybe I just should have been injured sooner. If I had known what a good kisser he would be…


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Madison Michael is the author of the Beguiling Bachelor Series, smart, sexy novels with complex characters set against the backdrop of Chicago’s elite society. Maddy loves exploring her native Chicago to discover new sites, new restaurants and new elegant events for future stories. You can follow Madison on Facebook or read more about her writing on her blog.

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