Book Spotlight and Character Interview – Luke’s Redemption by Anni Fife

Anni says: I’m often asked who my favorite romance character is and why? I always find myself choosing Luke Hunter, the hero from my debut steamy romantic suspense, Luke’s Redemption. It’s not only because he’s my first alpha hero that I’ve created, but also because he’s hot, fallible, and unashamedly brought to his knees by the woman he loves. Admittedly, I created Luke in the image of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor character so what’s not to love? Besides panty-melting looks, he’s also a man who feels deeply and loves with an all-consuming intensity. The abuse and loss he suffers in his early years shapes the man he becomes. He has a singular focus which made him a superior sniper in the military, and his protective instincts are through the roof. Luke is potently sexy and has no problem using this to his benefit, but when he is confronted with Katya’s pain and fears, we discover he has a depth of emotional intelligence that will bring you to tears. Well, it still brings me to tears every time I read it!

• • •