Book Spotlight – Beholden by Madison Michael

Valerie, I am Beholden to you for this guest opportunity. Speaking of beholden, I would love to introduce you to the second in my Beguiling Bachelor series, Beholden. This contemporary romance series follows the stories of four privileged young men as each are swept off their feet by sassy young women.

Today, I am sharing the blurb and a short excerpt from Beholden and a giveaway too.


He’s playing for keeps but is she just playing?
When family scandal topples haughty Sloane Huyler from her perch at the forefront of Chicago’s elite society, she loses her money, fiancé, friends, even her reputation. No one from her exclusive world will be seen with her, much less help. No one, that is, except the self-assured Randall Parker III, who can’t resist the brash beauty – or the challenge.
Sexy and self-assured, Randall has been eyeing Sloane for years. Knowing she is a handful, he craves a handful of her. His friends warn him off, but he’s sure he can manage Sloane’s high and mighty way, calculating that using his power and influence to save her will throw Sloane straight into his arms — and right into his bed.
Can Randall out-maneuver the manipulative Sloane? The attraction between the pair is scorching when Randall turns up the heat. Will the icy beauty freeze their fiery passion when she learns she is beholden?



So that night, when John Berensen had hinted that being with Sloane was bad for business, he was not far off the mark. He may have said it because he was a mean, spiteful bastard – which he most assuredly was – but he was still right. Randall’s father would not approve of him working with Sloane, let alone dating her.

How ironic that only eighteen months ago she was the best catch in the city.

Beautiful, well bred and well educated, Sloane had a knack for marketing and advertising that everyone believed was driving up the revenues of HI and their clients. No one suspected that her father was doing shady international deals back then. The Huyler name was golden, their reputation spotless. She was the belle of every ball, engaged to Wyatt, with an incredible future ahead of her.

Randall suddenly realized that he was on that elite list too. He was also a catch. If he had gotten serious with Sloane, she would have pulled off the coup of the century, breaking off with one bachelor prize only to land another.

Instead, Randall had botched his one date with the beauty and ended up in a cold shower. It was certainly not as satisfying as sinking into her willing body and waking up beside her. He could still recall the softness of her lips against his and the warm sweetness of her mouth. He could almost feel that skin, taut over muscle and bone, smooth as silk under his fingertips. She felt like she would break in his arms, so fragile. Until she responded to his advances.

Wow, could she respond. Sloane was a friggin’ hellcat.

Lithe and pliable, Sloane had wrapped herself around his body until they were molded together. She was so responsive, so sensual, and, when he thought it was impossible, she had turned him on even more. She was adventurous; he still wondered what might have happened there on the sidewalk. Her hand felt cool and delicate when it had fumbled with his zipper. Just thinking about finishing what they started that night brought back such vivid sensations that he would sit in the office needing to do multiplication tables to get his erection to subside.

She was funny, sweet and good company too. They had enjoyed the ballgame together. She knew baseball, and how to snarf down stadium food. She was one of the boys while still being all woman. She was perfect for him if he just overlooked her reputation.

Holy shit. She really is perfect for me. Why hadn’t I realized it sooner?

This difficult, spoiled brat with a father in federal prison was everything he had been looking for. Oh, he did not even know he was looking, but he was. He had been waiting, jumping from woman to woman, never settling down, having fun and sowing his wild oats waiting for a woman to come along to tame him.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have believed that Sloane was that woman.

Or perhaps he had been biding his time, waiting for Sloane all along.


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Meet Madison Michael

Madison Michael, a native Chicagoan with a long and successful career in IT, rediscovered her passion for writing when she retired in 2014. She is the author of two other Beguiling Bachelor novels. Bedazzled is set among the art fairs that flavor Chicago summers, while Bedeviled adds an element of suspense to the glam of Chicago, Boston and LA society. After living in New England, the southeast and California, Maddy loves taking readers on a grand tour of Chicago as only the elite can experience it.

Madison, a member of Romance Writers of America, lives high above Evanston IL with her feline editorial assistants and a great view of the Chicago skyline. When she is not writing, she is a news and political junkie, a lover of Hallmark movies and gastronome of Chicago’s famous cuisine.

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