Chapter Two Continuation – Xander (A Dark Assassins Novel Book Three) #MFRWHooks

Xander (A Dark Assassins Novel Book Three)

Genre:  Paranormal Erotic Romance


Half-human, half-shifter.

Xander has secretly yearned for a mate for most of his immortal existence, and yet after three of his friends found exactly what he’s always wanted, he’d come to believe that he’d missed his chance at happiness.

Until he heard her voice.

Frost is a wildlife biologist and tracker and she has been assigned, despite her adamant protests, to lead mercenaries into the mountains of Snowfall, Colorado for the sole purpose of killing immortal shifters.  In order to protect those who have no idea the kind of danger they are in, she agrees.  As she leads the armed men on a wild chase around the snow-covered pines, she could sense that she was running out of time.

Until she heard his voice.

Xander understands exactly who Frost is the moment he hears her thoughts.  With the help of Kane and Gunnar, they eliminate those in her group as they try to keep her safe.  But during the fight, she is hurt and all of his protective instincts flare to life.  As Xander learns more about her, he realizes that Frost might be the key to the creation of the immortals, both vampire and shifter.

But when she becomes a target from those who want to destroy the Dark Company and Xander’s family, how far will he go to save her?

Continuation (Part Two) Chapter Two

Frost’s POV

Xander (A Dark Assassins Novel Book Three)

© 2017 Valerie Ullmer

The next time she awoke, she immediately thought of the throbbing fire that had struck her body so fiercely that last time.  For a split second, she thought they might have passed, but the fire still licked her body and her bones ached even worse than before.  And on top of that, she had a splitting headache that made her feel sick to her stomach.

She thought that she heard her name, but she couldn’t be certain because the voice sounded distant.  She couldn’t identify the gender of the speaker.  Once again, she tried to open her eyes, but found herself unable.  With force and concentration, she was able to open her chapped lips a fraction, but as she tried to push words through her throat, the only thing that sounded in her ears was a whimper.

Her body locked down when she heard the rustle of sheets next to her head, and she relaxed as she thought about Xander.  Was he okay?  She remembered the pain etched on his face as he laid her down on his bed.  She was able to fight consciousness long enough to see the guilt reflected in his eyes, but for the life of her, she couldn’t reassure him.  She did feel the press of his lips against hers, but that memory might have been a dream because she had wanted it so badly.  But she wanted to ask him why he had that look on his face, and she wanted to figure out why it bothered her so much to see him in pain.

The first time she heard his clear voice inside her head, she felt a sense of peace wash over her that she’d never experienced before.  Although any other time, hearing a stranger’s voice so intimately would have freaked her out.  But with Xander, it felt natural.  And when he came into view, she couldn’t look away from his gaze.  Only when he turned to confront the mercenaries did her eyes move to the exposed olive skin on his arms, his huge stature, and beautiful white hair that added to his attractiveness, if that was even possible.  He was powerful and massive, compared to most other men she’d seen.  And the sheer power that he exuded had her shiver with a need she’d never thought herself capable of.

Frost had no idea with their connection meant, but logic bullied its way to the forefront of her mind.  He must’ve been nice to her because she’d been hurt.  No man who looked like Xander, and who radiated power and control, would ever fall for a curvy woman who had found herself comfortable with animals, not humans.

And then she had to be snarky to the tall blond Xander had indicated was Kane, the vampire.  Then she didn’t shut up the entire time in the woods, talking about fuck only knows what.  She had felt so out of control of the situation that her mouth ran without forming a single thought in her mind.  She had tried to avoid thinking about it, but the violent way she reacted to the redhead Xander had called Jade made her feel worse than the pains that throbbed throughout her body.  She had almost attacked an innocent woman with no other cause than she walked into the bathroom.

Frost’s thought paused for a moment when her body was doused in cold.  The heat dissipated and with it, the extreme ache of her bones lessened slightly, and she blew out a relieved breath.  Again, she tried to open her eyes or at least thank whoever had relieved the pain, but her body sank into the mattress and she found herself being pulled into the darkness of sleep.






  1. Ed Hoornaert - August 31, 2017 @ 8:38 am

    I seems she owes Xander a debt of gratitude for relieving her pain — and in time she’ll owe him for more than that.

  2. Janet Lane Walters - August 31, 2017 @ 4:41 pm

    What an intriguing excerpt.

    • Valerie Ullmer - September 1, 2017 @ 8:27 am

      Thank you for stopping by Janet!

  3. Lisabet Sarai - September 1, 2017 @ 6:34 am

    I’ve seen your cover all over Triberr, Valerie, and wondered about the story. Sounds intriguing.

  4. Kris Bock - September 1, 2017 @ 8:00 am

    Great description – lots of tension and good pacing shown in the blurb.

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