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Hiding his feelings for his best friend has become second nature to Parker Hunt.  Throughout his years of friendship with Jonah Lee, he’d hoped for more, but he’d never been able to tell Jonah how he felt or what he wanted.  When Jonah’s plans fall through for holiday break, Parker is determined to spend their last Christmas together and this time, be brave enough to tell Jonah exactly how he feels.

Jonah Lee has always been in awe of his friend, Parker.  His energy, enthusiasm, and honesty had drawn Jonah to him from the first time they’d met.  And while he’s always been an open book with Jonah, lately, Parker had been holding something back.  On top of that, Jonah has realized that his feelings for Parker has grown and for the first time in his life, he’s curious about what Parker’s lips would feel like under his and what his definite male body would feel against his.

Will the holidays bring everything both men want, or will they let this opportunity pass them by?


© 2017 Valerie Ullmer

Chapter One


Parker shook off the soft flakes of snow and stomped his feet on the porch.  He ran his hand through his brown hair, mussing it to get the moisture out.  He unlocked and opened the door to his apartment, blowing out a relieved breath when the heat of their apartment surrounded him.  He listened for Jonah to call out and tell him where he was, but there wasn’t any sound coming from their loft apartment.

Parker spotted Jonah’s gray parka hanging up on the peg.  His boots tucked under the bench.  The little signs of how Jonah kept his belongings neat made Parker smile.  Even after over three years of living together.

They were complete opposites in every way.  From the way they looked to their personalities.  They somehow meshed and became best friends.  Jonah was self-assured, quiet, and completed everything with intensity and focus.  He stood at six two, broad-shouldered, and a muscular body that he earned from working out five days a week.  The thought of it exhausted Parker.  Completing the brooding, beautiful look that encompassed Jonah was his dark, almost black hair.  The look came from his Korean ancestry on his father’s side.  His light brown eyes were vibrant and would shine hazel on a sunny day.  Jonah’s eyes could pierce him with a look that made Parker believe that he had no secrets to hide.

Although Parker had successfully kept one in all the years they’d known each other.

Parker never took anything seriously.  He loved laughing and having a good time.  Although he thrived in art and computer classes, he struggled with the ones that Jonah excelled at.  Business and finance.  Parker stood at just under six foot.  He was in shape, not anything close to Jonah, but he had managed to pack muscle on his skinny frame.  He had messy brown hair that he’d kept longer than absolutely necessary.  But not because it was fashionable.  Most of the time he’d become too involved in a project or spending time with Jonah to bother.  He loved evenings where they lazed on the couch and Jonah would run his fingers through it.

Parker took off the last of his winter gear that he’d donned to make the trek across campus.  After a moment, he heard Jonah’s low clipped voice coming from the other room.  He couldn’t make out the words, but Jonah never showed emotion, even to Parker, who knew him better than anyone.  So, if he was angry, it meant that he was on the phone with his estranged parents.  The couple managed to bring out Jonah’s temper with quick efficiency.

Parker pulled his socks back into place and walked toward Jonah’s bedroom.  He didn’t want to intrude so when he reached the doorway, he leaned against the frame.  Jonah gazed up and met Parker’s eyes.  Parker’s heart squeezed at the pain etched on Jonah’s face.  He walked straight to Jonah’s arms and buried his face against Jonah’s neck.  As Jonah wrapped one arm around him, Parker’s arms reached around him so he could rub Jonah’s back for comfort.

After several minutes, the tension left Jonah and he sagged against Parker.  Parker planned to back out of the room and give him space, but Jonah’s arm tightened around him, not quite ready to let go.  Parker’s thoughts ceased as he smelled Jonah, something that reminded Parker of home.  It was a combination of the fresh scent after a rainstorm and fresh-cut cedar.

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