Favorite Reads – December 25th, 2017

Favorite Reads

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!!

For the last six months of this year, I’ve been quite busy with several projects.  You for Christmas, a free read on several sites, was a submission for a Christmas series but was rejected.  I tweaked the story a bit and decided to release it anyway.  I loved the two characters, Jonah and Parker, and now I get to share it with my readers.

And then I wanted to tell Jack and Adam’s story from the Unexpected Series, so they have their own Christmas story.  Unwrapped (A Unexpected Novella) starts at a point when Adam and Jack’s relationship is a bit shaky, but they discover why they love each other all over again during the Christmas season.

And I finished another novella for a boxed set (All You Need is Love Boxed Set) and it will be released in February of 2018.  It’s called Fall for You and it features Ethan and Sebastian, best friends, who discover their feelings have grown into more than friendship.

And for the Christmas season, I wanted to share with you a series from Reegan Lynch I absolutely loved.

Thank you for all the encouragement, taking the time leave reviews for my books, and keeping in touch.  I wish you all the best for the coming New Year!!

Omega’s Mission


Ira’s mission is simple: infiltrate Three Rivers, get the Pack Leader to trust him through any means necessary… and kill him.

Mal: Relations between Three Rivers and Hood Ridge have been tense for years, but they begin to crumble when a Hood Ridge Omega is chased onto my pack’s lands. Bruised and bleeding, he’s clearly in need of help… and a single whiff of him sets my blood on fire like no Omega ever has before. In Ira, I may have found the mate I yearned for all along… but do I dare risk my pack’s safety by trusting the beautiful enemy Omega who so conveniently lands in my arms?

Ira: It’s not an Omega’s place to question an Alpha, so when my father tells me I must go to Three Rivers and kill their Pack Leader, I have no choice. It’s no secret that Mal desperately needs an Omega to sire children with, so turning me away isn’t an option… and killing him is the only way to win my freedom.
I just never expect to need him the way I do the moment our eyes meet.
Mal is like no Alpha I’ve ever known, and I’m drawn to him like a moth to a flame. When my heat hits and he saves me, there’s only one Alpha I want to be mine. With Mal, a different sort of life seems possible… if I’m brave enough to betray my pack and refuse my mission.

My Review

A great start for Ira and Mal!! I can’t wait for the next in the series!!

Omega’s Choice


The choice Ira and Mal make has consequences neither of them expect. A child. A war. And more hearts caught in the crossfire than their own.

After four blissful days in the cave mating with Ira and forging the bond between us, everything begins to fall apart. All I want to do is reveal to my mate what I sensed, lying there with him: that he’s pregnant. That together, we’re going to have a child. But the moment we return to town, a different truth comes to light.

My mate, the one I vowed to protect until my dying day… has come to my pack to kill me.

And he’s not the only one.

Two more Hood Ridge Omegas have come to Three Rivers, sent as a trade: the two of them will stay and bear children for me… in exchange for Ira. Regardless of how the truth of Ira’s mission is tearing us apart, that’s a trade I refuse to make.

Even if refusing starts a war.

My Review

The continuation of the Hood Ridge Omegas is sooooooo good. So good. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next one. In this book, despite the fact that Mal will know and probably hate him for it, Ira tells Mal the truth. The way their story continues, especially in the end, is so great. And adding Cecil and Luke into the mix and the sexual tension between the two of them makes Omega’s Choice such a page-turner. It’s so wonderful, I can’t wait for the next one. A great read!!

Omega’s Heart


Three Hood Ridge Omegas remain in the Three Rivers Pack now. Ira’s heart is sure… but can the same be said for the others?

“Oh, my sweet, lovely Omega. My beautiful mate. You can feel it, can’t you? You’re pregnant.”

After narrowly surviving a kidnapping attempt by Hood Ridge, Mal’s words when he sweeps me into his arms rock me to my core. I came to Three Rivers to bring death; instead, my mate and I have created life.

I’d do anything to protect my unborn child… and that’s easier said than done when there are still two other Hood Ridge Omegas in our midst, Omegas whose motives I don’t trust. Do I dare trust that Cyril and Cecil’s hearts are in the right place, when the lives of my mate and child are on the line?

My Review

I don’t want to give too much away, but in this book, Ira and Mal are growing closer and it’s great to see how their relationship is developing and becoming even stronger. But Cecil, who is struggling between the life he wants and the life he doesn’t want to go back to, which includes his twin, Cyril, has to make a decision in this book. I’m hoping that everything turns out well for everyone in the Three Rivers Pack, but I’m chewing my nails as I wait for the next book. A wonderful book, highly emotional, and the entire Series is a must-read!!

Omega’s Gift


Ira, Mal, Cecil, and Luke have made their choices, and now the war is here… and so is Ira’s child.

I’ve made my choices. I chose to stay in Three Rivers and love Mal, when I was supposed to kill him. When my father sent people to take me back to my old Pack, I chose to fight for life—mine, and the one growing within me.

Now, there’s just one more fight.

War comes at last, a full out invasion by Hood Ridge that threatens everything and everyone I care about. My mate and I have made it through so much together, Alpha and Omega, fated mates… but this could be the end. Only one Pack will make it out of this alive; only one Alpha will stand triumphant at the end.

Mal leaves to go lead our Pack in a desperate battle—and as the fight for our future begins, so do my contractions.

My Review

This was a great ending. In the other books, you could feel how dedicated and loving Mal and Ira are toward one another. And in this book, Luke and Cecil’s relationship is just as intense and loving as the other two men’s.

I loved how Cecil found his strength to stand by his mate and definitely weather whatever cam their way. This is a well-written, character-driven series that I absolutely loved from the first book. I would love to read more about the Three Rivers Pack.

And you will love Mal and Ira’s continuing story. The strength the two men give to one another is a joy to read and they are the most well-developed couples I’ve read in a long time.

I can’t say enough about this series. It is a must-read and I highly recommend the series.




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