Unwrapped (A Unexpected Novella) Released Today


Friends to lovers.

Jack had done what he’d always done to protect himself.  He allowed fear to take over and as a result, he pushed Adam away.  When Adam finally left, Jack understood that if he loved Adam as much as he claimed, he needed to change before Adam could risk his heart again.

Lovers to forever.

Adam understood why Jack kept his feelings secret, but after being ignored one too many times, he left.  But Jack won’t give up and when he proves to Adam how much he wants their relationship to work, can Adam risk his heart to the one man he’s loved all over again?

Will Jack and Adam find their happily-ever-after during the season of miracles?

Out Now



Adam loved Jack, but it wasn’t enough for him to stay in this relationship.

For the last few weeks, he had thought over and over about how he could step away from the relationship before he was completely destroyed, and pain warred with guilt leaving Adam quiet and distant.  Every time he was hurt by Jack, he thought a clean break would be best, but whenever Jack pulled him into his arms or when they made love, Adam would forget about his thoughts and pain for a short while.

But now, he had to think about his options.

When he’d moved in with Jack, he’d sublet his apartment.  The tenant had recently moved out and he hadn’t gotten around to renting it out again.  Although he had his solution, it pained him when he realized his dreams with Jack were over.

His heart sank.  He remembered every word Jack spoke that March night so long ago.  And while he realized he wanted a relationship as open and honest as the one Ronan had with Celeb, tonight had confirmed that his dream wasn’t possible.

Adam spotted movement to his right and glanced over to see Garrett take a seat next to him.  Caleb’s quiet, intense friend had made him feel on edge when they’d first met, but slowly, Garrett became a good friend to Adam.  Garrett, never talking about himself, gave small bits of wisdom that Adam had grown to appreciate and Adam could count himself in the ranks of the friends he cared about.

“Do you want a drink?”

Adam shook his head.  “I was going to head out.”

Adam almost said home but stopped himself in time.  He swallowed hard at the thought of giving up on a relationship he’d wanted since he’d met Jack.  But tonight had been the final push.

As Adam thought about the past several weeks, he realized Jack had decided to spend more time at the office, even though he delegated out most of his work to those he hired long before their relationship started.  When Adam started a conversation that became a little too deep, Jack would play it off or walk away, and as a result, they hadn’t had a serious conversation since the night he admitted his feelings to Adam.

Sex between them still ran as hot as ever.  It was the only time Jack let go of his worries and centered his attention on Adam, but Adam wanted more that scorched sheets and the empty feeling in his chest.

So Adam would take the hint and move out.

Adam took a final swig of his ginger ale and stood.

“Not everyone is suited for a relationship.”  Garrett’s words carried enough weight to shatter his heart.

With his throat tight, Adam nodded, understanding what Garrett was telling him.  Maybe he’d seen it long before Adam admitted the truth to himself, but it sucked it had been so obvious other people knew.




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